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    Blog Like a Boss: Purple Trail Blog Planner

    Blog Like a Boss: Purple Trail Blog Planner

    Blogging can be an enjoyable thing; especially if you love to write or simply jot your thoughts down. However, when you have to dig through tons of daily email to follow up on leads etc., scroll through social media to catch the latest scoop, prepare and schedule and contents it can be an overwhelming task. Nevertheless, this is where a blog planner comes in handy. With a blog planner, it allows you to jot down every detail and you are not limited to anything. I got my planner from Purple Trail where I was able to customize it to my liking. From sizing, cover page to the inside pages. Read along to find out more about my Blog Like a Boss Purple Trail Blog Planner: Read more

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    5 Destinations On The Rise Around The World

    When planning a trip abroad, you should stick to exactly what you and anyone you may be traveling with want to do. Vacations are important, both for taking a break from everyday life and for enjoying parts of the world you may not ordinarily be involved with. And because of this, choosing a destination is actually quite personal; it matters greatly that you find a place that maximizes your ability to get the necessary benefits out of a trip.

    Even so, travel lists (like this one) are helpful in the way that they can at least get you thinking about places that may not have been on your radar. You don’t need to take any list of recommended destinations as gospel. But it can help to read a few words about different places around the world; particularly if they’re places that are more up-and-coming, and less established as popular getaways. So, for your consideration, perhaps some of these places will plant the right seed for a great vacation in the near future! Read more

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    Beauty Essentials For Your Trip To Hawaii

    Finally, the trip to Hawaii is around the corner. You’ve been waiting for months to board the plane and are super excited. The thought of chilling out in the sun, paddling in the sea and going for a hike around a volcano is thrilling. Plus, there is the natural beauty of the state to look forward to as well.

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    Speaking of beauty, it’s important to look your best on vacation. There is no one to impress, yet you still want to turn heads. No woman wants to think others are judging her. With that in mind, this post has some Hawaii-specific fashion hacks you might want to consider. Read more

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    Getting Comfortable When You Land for Your Vacation

    Planning a vacation soon? Fantastic! But we all know how terrible it can feel to land and be completely tired and worn out from travelling. As unfortunate as it can be, we all need to find ways to deal with our jetlag. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you get comfortable when you land for your vacation.

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