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Hosting elegant weddings is one of the specialties of Puglia, the core of Italy. If you want to enjoy an enchanting wedding under the clear sky of Mediterranean land, then no place is better than Puglia. Apulia is the real name of Puglia. Puglia word is given to the region by the Italians. It is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy where you can find a perfect amalgam of land area and the beaches.

It is having some of the heart-warming locations for the couples where the love is in the entire vicinity. You can find the world’s best wedding venues in Puglia.

It is a place where you can enjoy an elegant wedding laying back all the swiftness of your life and can have the experience of feeling fresh and tingling air.

Three reasons to choose Puglia as your wedding destination

Though there are multiple reasons to have your wedding venue at Puglia, here we have reiterated the highlighted ones:

  • Puglia is the best place to come to leaving the pace of your life behind in relaxed and fresh environments. Here the Mediterranean destinations will overwhelm you with its vicinity.
  • The place will let you explore the Puglia wedding purely with its unique banquet.
  • It is a place where you can find the beaches, monuments as well as many luxurious villas for your wedding. There is no other place than the Puglia where you can find such amazing locations.

Apulia or Puglia

Puglia is also known for its traditional and religious wedding which took place in the very famous church named the Church of Galatone. There you can also organize a photoshoot after all the rituals have been performed. Wedding in a church is one of the best examples of a traditional Puglia Italy wedding.


For Reception

You can plan your post-wedding reception in one of the Masseria of Puglia for which the city is famous for mainly.

These Masseria are the most traditional monuments there that are representing the city of land Puglia for so long. You can have a charming and pleasant wedding reception at the Masseria and leave a forever lasting imprint on the heart and memories of your guests. If you don’t know what these Masseria are, then let me tell you that these are the traditional farmhouses in Puglia. These farmhouses are surrounded by towering walls and lush green colour due to the med terrain trees. It can be referred to as Italian castles.

Nowadays these Masseria are made so much beautiful and enchanting that it look like hotels where you can also accommodate your guests for the entire celebrations.

The region as a wedding destination

Previously, a few years back, the town was only known as a tourists spot. It is because Puglia has several historic, buildings, luxurious hotels and villas, and the beaches, of course, that enticed the tourists. Thus from years, it was recovered for the vacations only. It has been recently hosting the wedding venues at their amazingly beautiful sites. But you will be amazed to know that there are still many locations that are always kept safe and sound secretly from tourism.

Here are some unbelievably breath-taking towns in Puglia, the Monopoli and the Polignano a Mare. These are among the most beautiful places in Puglia where you can enjoy a wholesome Puglia Italy wedding. The towns are having picturesque sites reflecting an ideal contrast of whitewashed walls with bougainvillea leaves.

Thus, by now, you may have got an idea about how elegant your wedding can be with the breeze of the city. Enjoy the destination with your partner admiring your wedding.


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