Breaking Down The Perfect Proposal


Everybody dreams about the moment they get proposed to. It’s a special, memorable event that you’ll cherish forever.

What’s wonderful about getting engaged is that it’s different for everyone – everyone has their own unique and wonderful story. Sometimes it’s a spontaneous event, other times it’s been meticulously planned.

But what goes into the ideal proposal? If popping the question is on the cards for you, take a look at these tips for breaking down the perfect proposal.


The timing of your proposal is everything. Are you both on the same page? Are you ready to take this significant step in your relationship? A marriage proposal is a serious commitment, so you need to make sure that you’re both ready for it before you decide to go for it.

Remember that after getting engaged, you’ll have a whole wedding to pay for. It could take you years to save up for your dream wedding, so if you’re not in a great financial position, you might want to put your foot on the breaks for a bit.


Many people put a lot of thought into the location of their marriage proposal. Some choose to do it in their homes, or somewhere that has a special connection to them.

Another popular way of getting engaged is to propose abroad. A proposal somewhere romantic or in the sun makes for a great story, and will give you lasting memories of the place. Sometimes it’s a good idea to propose early on into your trip so that you can spend the rest of it enjoying yourself without the nerves and celebrate together!

The ring

Choosing a ring is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make as part of your proposal. There’s so much choice out there that it can be overwhelming. There are all kinds of engagement rings to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with a classic diamond. Choose a beautiful cut that your partner will love, they won’t be able to say no!

Make it a surprise

Some people know when a proposal is imminent, but aiming for the surprise element can be wonderful. There are a lot of romantic proposal ideas you can get inspiration from to help add something even more special to the occasion. Why not get friends and family involved or book a photographer to capture the moment?

It’s those personal touches that can also make a proposal a wonderful surprise. From revisiting the location of your first date to playing your favourite song, think about how you can add a bit more of a personal element to your engagement that will make it a special moment for the rest of your lives.

While there’s a lot to consider from a proposal, it’s important to trust your gut and what feels right. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself; you’ll enjoy it a lot more if you relax. Enjoy planning the perfect proposal, it signals the start of a very exciting chapter in your lives.


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