Psoriasis Sufferers, Here’s How To Beat The Condition At Home

Hair, lips, eyes – they are the common beauty features for women. Sure, the Big Three always play a significant part when it comes to looking and feeling good. But, they are not the main factor. What is, you ask? Well, it’s the skin, the largest organ in the whole of the human body.

Because of its size, it’s prone to conditions such as acne and breakouts. When these happen and they are visible, most women want to stay in bed and not leave the house. For psoriasis sufferers, the feeling is multiplied by ten as red, flaky blotches cover the face and the body.

As any sufferer will know, the best treatments are the medical prescriptions such as steroids. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t fight the condition at home without the help of a doctor. Although results aren’t guaranteed, the following should reduce the impact of this nasty skin ailment.

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Take Supplements

As the National Psoriasis Foundation points out, the best way to tackle the complaint is from the inside. Almost all skin conditions are a result of a problem under the hood, which means you need to roll up your sleeves and take a gander. Of course, average people don’t have a Ph.D. and have zero clues when it comes to the human body. Therefore, the thing to do is to research which lack of nutrients causes the problem in the first place and which ones can reverse the process. As a rule, the ones that are well-known to psoriasis victims are fish oil, vitamin D and milk thistle. Aloe Vera, the antiseptic found in plants, is another excellent supplement to add to the list. The majority of them are available in supermarkets or over-the-counter pharmacies.

Switch Diets

As the saying goes, the first three letters of the word diet are DIE. Yes, it does feel as if you lose a little bit of your soul when you put a kale smoothie to your lips. Everyone knows there is nothing better than a Big Mac and fries followed by a McFlurry of your choice. Of course, the world is starting to realize that junk food is one of the reasons skin conditions appear in the first place. McDonald’s, for example, has almost no nutritional value in its menu. What it does have is saturated fats, and these only exacerbate the problem. But, by eating superfoods the body will naturally consume the nutrients it needs to revive your skin. has an excellent list if you are unsure, but the main ones to keep in mind are fish and leafy vegetables.

Maintain Skin

Skin goes through a lot on a daily basis, and it’s essential to maintain its appearance. This is particularly true when the body starts to age because it can’t fight back as effectively. Obviously, using a moisturizer every day is a great place to start and it’s something the majority of women do. However, there are moisturizing cons which ruin the skin. The main one is overusing lotion as it makes the skin oily and clogs the cells. Back to maintenance work and it’s vital to do more than rub cream onto your face every morning and night. Experts recommend microdermabrasion, and has tips for the uninitiated. Finally, you should stay out of contact with harmful chemicals as much as possible. For example, refrain from using perfumes.

pill, medication, supplements, psoriasis

Draw A Warm Bath

A shower is quicker and easier, yet it doesn’t have the same health benefits. For one thing, showering leads to a lack of moisture in the skin which only aids psoriasis. Baths, on the other hand, don’t suck out as much moisture and can relieve itching and soothe scales. recommends adding a mixture of minerals to the water and using lotion immediately after for the best results. One thing to remember is to keep it warm or tepid. Hot water is terrible for the skin and will make the condition worse so don’t be stingy with the cold H2O.

Avoid Alcohol And Cigarettes

Sometimes, a beer and a smoke are the only things which help you take the edge off the day. Sadly, they are two things which contribute to psoriasis more than anything else. A study on concluded that women who drink full-fat beer are more likely to be sufferers than women who drink light beer. Cigarettes have pretty much the same effect which is why you should cut down both.

Do listen to the doctor and take the advice as well as their drugs. However, you should also be aware that you can help your skin at home, too.


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