10 Reasons to Say I Do to the Prospect of a Beach Wedding

Planning your big day is one of the most exciting times of your life, but there are a number of important decisions that need to be made. Choosing where to tie the knot is one of the most significant aspects, and the beach wedding vibe is an increasingly popular choice.

If you’re considering a beach wedding ceremony and party, you are not alone. Here are 10 reasons to say ‘I do’ to a wedding on the sand.

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1. Enjoy the weather

If you’re planning to have a beach wedding, it’s likely that you’ll do it when the weather is nice. In truth, everyone feels happier when the sun is out. Moreover, the sunlight is sure to enhance your natural appearances too. When added to the fact that the guests will also be in brighter spirits, this truly gives you a winning foundation for building the perfect day.

2. Added comfort

While every couple wants to look their best on the big day, the overly formal appearances can feel a little stifling. The beach wedding allows the bride to wear a stunning dress while the groom can still wear a stylish suit. However, the flexibility afforded by this type of wedding allows for something closer to the smart-casual look. This is great for guests too.

3. Stunning backdrops

When planning a wedding, a stunning backdrop will certainly add a special ingredient. After all, there could be nothing better than the sun, sea, and sand while the waves gently crash against the sea. The romantic feelings as you exchange your vows cannot be beaten. The beach wedding truly provides magical moments that you will cherish for life.

4. Great photographs

As well as creating stunning memories on the day, the beach setting provides a great backdrop for your wedding photographer. The natural surroundings along with the great lighting should lead to some iconic images to remember your big day. While all wedding photos are special, there’s no question that beach wedding photos stand out.

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5. Value for money

The financial elements carry huge significance when planning your wedding. Beach ceremonies can often work out cheaper than the alternatives. In turn, this allows you to go the extra mile to find the perfect venue for the meal and evening party. Many beach weddings become incredible celebrations due to this factor. Irrespective of your budget.

6. Intimacy

Getting married in a public place probably doesn’t sound too intimate, but the public won’t be too interested. Other than getting a few smiles and congratulations, people are unlikely to get too involved. Meanwhile, you can use the beach setting as the perfect opportunity to keep numbers down. You can always invite more people to the evening celebrations.

7. Flexibility

Even with the stunning backdrops, you’ll still want to build a wedding setting that feels right for you. The versatility of the space ensures that you can embrace the hottest trends for décor and design. From decorating the aisle to choosing flowers and materials, virtually anything is possible. Creating the dream wedding space you’ve always wanted is easy.

8. Be unique

Beach weddings have grown in popularity at a rapid rate. Nonetheless, they still offer an answer that gives you something far different from the standard wedding. You can enjoy some of the traditions that church ceremonies bring. Yet you’ll also inject your own character and personality. It’s also a very good option for couples of different faiths.

9. Easy organization

While planning a wedding is very exciting, it can be stressful too. As such, any decision that can make the process easier should be grabbed with both hands. Many beach wedding packages can be bought as an all-inclusive solution. Even when this isn’t the case, the fact that all parts of the big day will take place in nearby surroundings is a winner.

10. Double up as a honeymoon

Whether you’re travelling 30 miles or across the globe, the beach setting can also serve as the perfect honeymoon destination. You can have a little time with your friends and family while also spending a few days to enjoy the location as a couple. Beach and water activities create lifelong memories, making them the best way to start your lives together.

Beach weddings are truly incredible. They offer an affordable, practical, and convenient solution that allows you to build a day that’s fully tailored to your needs. For the sake of your budget, sanity, and happiness on the big day, saying ‘I do’ to the beach wedding is ideal.


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