How to Choose Sunglasses for Someone Else


A pair of sunglasses can be the perfect gift you can find for your friend, family member or significant others. This accessory can complete one’s outfit, and it can be used for any occasion any time of the year. However, there are all sorts of sunglasses’ designs, types, brands, and what-not, making it extra difficult to pick the best one to give your special someone.

If you are not sure where to start, here are some tips you can follow to find a pair of sunglasses for someone else.

1. Know their preferences

There are several designers and brands offering sunglasses at varying styles and purposes. That makes it difficult to choose a pair to give to someone. So, consider their preferences. Do they have a go-to brand? Do they like unique and quirky designs? It will help you narrow down as to the kind of sunglasses to look for.

While you’re at it, you should also get yourself familiarized with designers and brands, enough to be able to distinguish whether they are genuine or not. Sunglasses are very popular that many fake eyewear is also distributed everywhere, and fake products come with issues such as skin irregularities. Some things to check to make sure you are buying an authentic product are the label/logo, lens, model number, price, packaging, accessories, eyewear data, point of origin, and overall quality.

2. Consider their style

Each person has a style when it comes to wardrobe, so choosing a pair of sunglasses that would suit their taste and personality would really make your gift perfect. Do they like glamorous stuff? Simple yet elegant? Chic? Colourful? Sporty? Do they often wear a suit and tie? Or prefer a plain shirt and jeans? There’s a sunglasses style that would fit everyone’s fashion style and personality.

Aviators are ideal for those who are sporty. Coloured and mirrored lenses are perfect for adventurous people and large black frames go well with glamorous style.

3. Look at the shape of their faces

Now, you want your gift to really look good on the person you are giving it to, so another thing to consider is the shape of the face. You may think that they will love the design you pick, but some styles are not suitable for every face shape.

Angular, low and rectangular frames fit round faces. Sunglasses with curved corners or round and narrow edges are good for a square shape. Square frames and soft and curved frames fit diamond-shaped faces. Cat-eye glasses and wide frames are ideal for oval faces.

4. Consider the purpose sunglasses would serve

Sunglasses are not just fashion accessories; they also serve important purposes. When picking it as a gift, consider what purpose it can be used. Does your special someone love being out and about in sunny places? Or being outdoors during winter? There are different UV protection levels you can choose from, as well as the amount of cover the frames provide to protect the eyes. For instance, you can pick a pair that blocks 99% of UVB rays and 95% of UVA rays. Polarized glasses also provide more protection from sunlight.

5. Take inspiration from celebrities and fashion icons

If you’re having trouble choosing a style, check out what’s trendy among celebrities and fashion icons. Some sunglasses styles become popular because celebrities wear them. The person who will receive your gift might have a favourite fashion icon too. You can take a cue from how their celebrity dresses, which is likely where they take inspiration when it comes to creating their own fashion taste.

Hopefully, these tips would help you to narrow down your options when it comes to choosing sunglasses for someone else. Sunglasses are both helpful and stylish, making them suitable for most occasions throughout the year. Considering factors, such as the recipient’s preferences, face shape, and lifestyle will all contribute to the quality of the sunglasses you will get for your loved ones. This guide was made possible with the help of Great Southern Sunnies who stock one of the largest ranges of sunglasses online in Australia. If you’re looking to buy the newest in trendy yet protective sunglasses, Great Southern Sunnies has a website where you can check out their latest items.


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