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Pipe Nightmares: The Hidden Consequence of Plumbing Procrastination

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Even a leaky faucet can be painfully wasteful, and a dripping pipe can be a symptom of a larger-scale plumbing issue affecting entire segments of your home. Treat every plumbing emergency with vigilance and go beyond stop-gap measures to fix them.

Most people are familiar with the unimaginable costs of the structural damage left by a major plumbing disaster, which would not only cause widespread water damage across the house but require breaking into walls or ceilings to address the broken pipes properly.

Most people take indoor plumbing for granted, to the point that plumbing issues that aren’t total disasters are almost an afterthought in everyday life. This should never be the case. Even small plumbing problems, left to themselves, can become complicated jobs that could cost thousands of dollars in water damage. When faced with a plumbing issue, the best recourse is to immediately act to fix the problem, leaving especially different jobs to plumbers to avoid further risks of damage.

The Hidden Cost

Even the most basic of plumbing problems are more than just an annoyance without ever becoming complicated. For instance, a leaking faucet can waste a lot of water over the course of several days and weeks when left unaddressed, which can add up painfully to the water bill. Even the slow but seemingly inconsequential drops can add up over time.

Likewise, leaks in the pipework of your home may gradually recur or worsen if not properly assessed and repaired by a plumber. Far from just necessitating unsightly and inconvenient buckets in several places in your home, these leaks can lead to costly water damage to the walls, ceilings, and carpets within your home.

Stop-gap Measures

When faced with especially urgent jobs, you might be forced to attempt a makeshift solution to prevent further problems—at least until you or your plumber can address the issue in a more permanent manner. A variety of solutions can be used to patch up holes in pipework, which should do the trick of mitigating the effects of water damage and reducing the amount of water wasted by the faulty pipe.

You must be careful not to be complacent when relying on stop-gaps, however.  A few times, the solution might appear to work so well that you’d be tempted to keep it that way. This is ill-advised. Although stop-gap measures can help average people deal with common everyday leak issues, they cannot solve the problem permanently.


When the Going Gets Tough

Of course, plumbers can only do so much for isolated plumbing problems. Major plumbing issues may be symptomatic of a flawed or hopelessly outmoded internal system, which would require extensive renovation. Whereas the services of a plumber would usually be enough for some or all of the retrofitting for small-scale jobs, you would need the services of a professional plumbing contractor for major plumbing projects that encompass entire sections of your house.

In urban areas like the Salt Lake City metro, where water bills are becoming more expensive, well-laid and reliable plumbing systems are an absolute necessity. Getting the services of a reputable plumbing contractor is often the best way to prevent instances of poor plumbing from happening in the first place.

If you are building a new home from scratch or are renovating or adding to an existing home, focusing on creating a stable plumbing system in the first place is imperative. A well-laid pipe system is less likely to have periodic failures and be easier to maintain and repair in the long run.


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