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Get the Most from your Outdoor Dining Furniture with these 5 Hacks

Decorating your backyard or outdoor patio can be both tricky and expensive. If you are not careful, you may be spending a lot of money on a very small space with furniture that is too extravagant to be outside. There are many hacks and do-it-yourself furnishings that you can look into when it comes to choosing outdoor dining furniture. Here’s some outdoor dining inspiration to get the ideas flowing.

If you are starting to feel inspired, let’s get started on these future home projects that you can take on.

Picnic Table Chiller

picnic table chiller

Level up your trusty picnic table-style outdoor dining furniture by reinforcing a sturdy stainless steel alloy in the middle of it. In ordinary days, it can serve as a vase container for plants, herbs and flowers. During special occasions, you can fill the alloy with ice and chill bottles of wine or sparkling water with it.

Lining them up from end to end, guests can easily pick a bottle of what they like and the ice can just get routinely refilled. It can be non-alcoholic drinks as well, like bottles of milk for an afternoon of cookies with the kids, or bottled juices for weekend brunches.

Drinks Counter

drinks counter

Convert old board games into eclectic countertops that can serve as trays on standby. The different abstract shapes will make the overall look unique. With its glossy top and sturdy base, it is a perfect hack for putting on pitchers, glasses, cups and bottles when having outdoor luncheons or dinner parties.

Table Stools

outdoor dining furniture, bar stools, stools, center stools

To keep your outdoor dining furniture setting fun and interesting, why not exchange the usual center table with rounded stools instead. Mix and match the stool patterns with your outdoor seating area, which you can mix with different colours as well. Use two to three stools depending on the outdoor sitting area.

If the lounge chairs are longer, you can combine several stools on each end. This would make the outdoor dining furniture accessible for anybody who is seated at whatever side. Like this bigger Archer 9-Piece Outdoor Extension Dining Table Setting, that may occupy a long section of your outdoor patio.

So if you are running on a limited budget and you wanted to add more zest to your outdoor dining area with furniture that are both fun and functional, follow these simple hacks. You can maximize not only your budget but also make old furniture useful again.


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    The picnic table chiller is a great idea, I havent seen that before.

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