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    Preventing Drowning: 8 Important Points to Consider


    Children just love water. For them, a day on the beach or by the pool is something to look forward to. Despite this, however, water presents a lot of danger to people of all ages, children in particular. Drowning remains a very real concern in and outside the home, especially for families that live near bodies of water.

    What can parents do to reduce the risk of drowning in their home and during holidays? Here are 8 action points for anyone who’s tasked with watching over children: Read more

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    Get the Most from your Outdoor Dining Furniture with these 5 Hacks

    Decorating your backyard or outdoor patio can be both tricky and expensive. If you are not careful, you may be spending a lot of money on a very small space with furniture that is too extravagant to be outside. There are many hacks and do-it-yourself furnishings that you can look into when it comes to choosing outdoor dining furniture. Here’s some outdoor dining inspiration to get the ideas flowing.

    If you are starting to feel inspired, let’s get started on these future home projects that you can take on.

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    Having a Wonderful Winter Staycation

    Hopefully, you’re not mourning the loss of the summer heatwave. You shouldn’t be, because winter has charm and enjoyment all of its own, especially here in the UK! We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Christmas markets and other winter wonderlands. With cozy cabin retreats and luxury pampering hotels, there’s no reason to let the winter blues catch you.

    Take a look through our guide of the best winter staycation locations and check out this winter packing list!

    winter staycation Read more