5 Top Ways To Feel Like a Million Dollar on Your Wedding Day

Our wedding days are unarguably the biggest and most special day in our lives, so it’s essential that we look and feel our best. Whilst the first thing we think about is the dress, the venue and the honeymoon, we also know that the perfect wedding is all in the detail. That is also true when it comes to the bride. With the pressure on to look our most wonderful selves, we can certainly feel the strain to look and feel perfect in every way.

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So with that in mind today we are sharing our top tips on all the little details that make brides feel like a million dollar on the big day.


Looking down and seeing beautifully manicured nails gives us a lovely little boost at the best of times and there is no more important day for our hands to look perfect for that all important ‘I do’ moment. With so many beautiful nail art designs around these days, brides can afford to really go to town and go all out with the most romantic and beautiful manicured nails. If you are looking for a little bit of inspiration, check out these gorgeous nail designs at or have a look online at other lovely nail designs that other brides have chosen. Having your nails looking perfect on your big day will make that all important ring exchange even more enchanting and memorable.

Bridal hair & rehearsal

It is certainly recommendable to have at least one hair rehearsal, before committing to your chosen hair-do, to make sure that everything goes without a hitch on the big day itself. So organizing an appointment with a bridal hair specialist at least a few months in advance, before your wedding, is crucial in order to allow you enough time to begin experimenting with the different hairstyles that best suit you and your beautiful bridal dress.

Maybe you are leaning towards an ‘updo’ in which case it is a good idea to come with a few photos of styles that you think would look nice so your hairdresser knows where to begin when looking at ways to style your hair. Because we all have different hair types there’s a possibility that some styles that you like may not work for your hair type so planning a rehearsal in advance will ensure that you are not disappointed on the day if your hair does not go according to plan.

If you are leaning more towards having your tresses down you will probably want to look at ways that you can make your hair look extra special. Perhaps you want to try your hair down with curls, or adding flowers, sparkly, decorative clips or even perhaps adding a few hair extensions to add volume and length to your hair. With so many different options, again make sure that you go with at least a vague idea of how you want it to look so that your hairdresser knows how to start off.


That leads us nicely to headdresses. With so many gorgeous alternatives to the traditional wedding veil, many brides are choosing to go for unique and romantic headpieces instead. Flower crowns, for example, are becoming more and more popular, particularly for summer weddings. If you are looking for the best of both worlds why not think of combining a flower crown with a veil.

A jeweled headpiece is also a fantastic option for those of you that love a little sparkle. Those of you looking for a lovely, natural and fresh look there are some wonderfully rustic options available made with woodland leaves, ivy and mini berries that look very striking at weddings in the autumn and winter months.

Customize To Your Style

When it comes to weddings it is important that we are reflecting our own unique and individual style. So we encourage all brides to be embracing the details that best show off you and your personality. As no one will know more than you, what is perfect for your wedding, you should really spend time thinking about all the lovely little details that will really make your dress, and your wedding in general, come together.

Flowers are a great way to really set off all the little details that you have already put into place. If you are looking for inspiration for your bridal flowers look to a site like Your bouquet can be the perfect finishing touch to yours and your bridesmaids’ dresses and that detail can be stretched out throughout your wedding theme; from the table centerpieces to the reception entrance. Thinking about all these little details will make sure that you feel and look like the million dollar beautiful bride you always dreamed you would be.

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