Masculinity Is Not a Crime

Toxic masculinity, male privilege, mansplaining, manspreading — masculinity is under attack, and you better defend yourself. Now, that doesn’t mean just going online and buying men’s cowboy boots and the most prominent belt buckle that you can find (although being proud of your masculinity certainly helps); you need to be aware of what’s happening and firmly stand your ground.


Be Yourself

Remember the time when “be yourself” was the best advice that parents could give their kids? Well, that’s over. Third-wave feminists, Leftists, and even the media are now saying that boys acting like boys is bad. Masculine traits in boys should be suppressed, and more feminine ones should be encouraged. Some parents are even raising their babies to be gender-neutral, ignoring the fact that there are marked differences in gender even between baby chimps. Of course, not everyone believes that masculinity is bad — just the Leftists and their circles. However, embracing this Leftist doctrine of toxic masculinity has resulted in sadness and depression in both Liberal men and women. Liberal men, especially white men, are the unhappiest demographic, closely followed by Liberal women.

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Avoid Leftists

Avoiding negative people (aka Leftists) can be hard, especially if you’re in college. Avoid people who would shame you for just for being yourself or blame you for crimes and injustices done decades ago. Associating with Leftists will only make you doubt yourself and make you conform to their ideas, which probably means suppressing your masculinity and be forever apologizing for merely being born a male. In Leftist society, men do not have a voice. Men are told to shut up, and if they try to argue, then they’re mansplaining. If you attain some achievement or recognition, it’s because of your male privilege. Compliment a girl, and you’re cat-calling or worse — harassing her. Stand up for yourself, and you’re the patriarchy. There’s no winning with Leftists, so look out for them and ignore or avoid them.

Find Sane People

More women watched Aquaman than Captain Marvel, so some women still go for masculine men. These women are easy to spot as they are happier, more confident, and treat people based on how they act and not by their gender. Men who haven’t drunk the Leftist Kool-Aid will also be happier, probably louder, and won’t be afraid to speak their mind or act naturally. Sadly, the Leftists have infected the Liberals, and you’ll rarely find a sane person in that bunch. Thankfully, you can hang out with Conservatives even if you’re a Liberal. You’ll probably get a few jabs about your political stance, but at least they’ll accept you for who you are.

Be yourself, regardless of what people tell you. If people can’t accept you for who you are, then they’re the ones who are toxic. It’s just funny that Leftists who wanted women to be who they were and embrace their femininity just a few decades ago now want men to cast off their masculinity. Times have changed, but you don’t need to.


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