Must Read Methods For Making Any Outfit Look Classy

It would be nice if we all had the money to buy top of the line, designer labels all of the time. However, in reality, most of us don’t have the funds to do this, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still look smart, put together and classy. In fact, there are some specific methods for classing up any outfit that you can use whether you paid a little or a lot for it. Read on to find out what they are:

Clean and pressed

This has got to be the most basic of all methods, but it is surprising how many folks can get it wrong. Especially the pressed part! It really doesn’t matter whether your garment is made of stretchy or a stiff material, it needs to be pressed correctly. To do this check out this guide, or take it to a professional dry cleaner. As they will be able to perform this service for you. Remember too that some garments have to be dry cleaned, else the structure or colour of the fabric will be compromised and that will have a negative effect on your look as well.

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Also, it can help to always have a lint roller to hand to remove any specks of dust, pet hair, or those little bits of fluff that seem to come out of nowhere. Remember to look classy you need to be polished head to toe and having clean, pressed, fluff-free garments is the first step in achieving this.

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Expensive jewelry

Something else you can do to lift a garments sophistication level is to combine it with a fabulous piece of jewelry. An item like a real diamond necklace can work wonders with a plain black or navy suit, or even give the impression that a cheap but well fitting dress was far more expensive than it actually was.


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Of course, not every outfit will suit an necklace, and that is why it can be useful to have some multi-purpose diamond earring as well. These are just plain and simple solitaires that add a touch of class and femininity to a halter neck outfit and can be worn to work or at leisure.

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This season’s handbag shape

Another smart method to class up any outfit it is to be savvy about your handbag choice. Obviously, in an ideal world our would have that designer IT bag to show off, but if your budget can’t quite stretch to that why not get one that is similar in colour and shape, but unbranded?

This can help give your outfit this season’s edge, as well as demonstrating your fashion awareness. Both of which will lend a little class and kudos to any outfit, whether it is an expensive one or not.

Focus on the cut

Next, it’s pretty vital that you focus on the cut when you are going for a look that screams class. Classier looks tend to be less dependent on this season’s trends. Especially the more outlandish ones.

It’s also hard to get an unbranded reproduction that can emulate such trends well, without looking cheap. That means if the catwalks are full of asymmetric hemlines this season only go for this look if the cut and quality of the garment are good. Otherwise, you are giving others an invitation to clock that your outfit is knock off.

Also, the fit of clothes is hugely important regarding how sophisticated they look. Trousers that bag in the wrong place dresses that hug the bits you’d rather hide and tops that constantly need to be pulled up are never going to look good. So for a truly classy look focus on how well each garment fits, rather than what it costs. Then that way you should be able to build a solid wardrobe that would be hard to tell apart from one that cost a significantly more.

A smart updo

You can also try doing something different with your hair if you are looking to make your outfit classier. Updos, where hair is swept from the face and pinned off the neck is a great choice for this. French plaits with the remaining hair piled on the top of the head area work well, as do twisted faux hawks and high buns with just a touch of mess.

It’s all about lines

For a truly classy and stylish feel, you will also need to ensure that your outfit contains the right lines. This is just what Kim Kardashian-West does with her long coats. They bring in the line of sight on the body making it appear smaller and slimmer. While lengthening the vertical line giving it an elongated, taller, and more imposing look.

This is something that you can achieve yourself, with a little practice. And it can be used to give your outfits that classic edge you are looking for.

When doing this always consider that you want the vertical line of sight to be at least double. If not triple the horizontal. That means using things like duster jackets, waterfall waistcoats, and colour block dresses. Also stay away from horizontal stripes and keep to the ⅔ rule.

Shoes are not an afterthought

Lastly, no matter how classy your outfit is, to begin with, the wrong shoes can bring it down. That is why it’s always worth invest in great fitting, comfortable, stylish shoes. Why the first two? Well, having blisters, or waddling around because you are trying to keep the weight off of the balls of your feet. Isn’t going to make you or your outfit look classier. In fact, you will probably just look a bit silly!

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Of course, style changes, and not all shoe styles and colours will be suitable for all outfits. That is why it is a good idea to keep an eye on the catwalk for seasonal trends. Then invest in a pair or two that are well made and similar. To ensure your outfit looks as classy as possible, at all times.


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