Love The Skin Your In

It is hard to love the skin you’re in when we as humans love to point out the faults that we have. We’re so easy to criticise ourselves when it is just as easy to love our bodies as well. Social media has helped to form an idea of what the perfect body should be. Couple this with celebrities always in the media showcasing their perfect bodies, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a lot of self-consciousness. But whilst we always search to pick out the bad, we should be trying to pick out the good, and even changing the bad. Yes, everyone has something wrong with them, and no one is perfect. So we’re here to help you learn to love your body.

the skin

The Faults

We all have faults that we really don’t like about ourselves, as we said in the first paragraph. Some are self-inflicted, some are things we’re born with and just need to embrace in order to be happy with our bodies. Some things we do as mistakes. Take tattoos for example. A lot of people get really drunk on holiday, and before they know it they’re sat in a tattoo parlor getting one of the worst tattoos the world has ever seen. Then when they wake up the next day they’re devastated as tattoos are there for life. Does this sound like you? Well if it is, the luckily for you there’s a way out. Laser tattoo removal clinics are experts in removing those unwanted horrible tattoos. It is way more painful than actually having the tattoo done, but it’ll be worth it when your body is free. There are other things that we really just can’t help such as things we are born with. In this case, you really do just need to embrace your body and change the things you can change.

The Positives

It’s going to be hard to pick out the positives about yourself. Everyone’s the same. It is also hard to believe other people when they compliment us on our looks; especially when you have such as a negative view of yourself. Again, social media really hasn’t helped this. But one of the only ways of loving your skin is by embracing the positives of your body. If you have a good figure, wear clothes that will show it off. If you’ve got nice eyes, make them bigger and bolder with mascara and maybe even some eyeliner. If you’ve got really long legs, don’t be afraid to get them out during the summer. You don’t have to look like a celebrity to be perfect, all you need to do is love the skin you’re in, and use your best features to your advantage. If you want to empower other women, compliment your friends or just random people in the street. It is so uplifting for someone random to give you a compliment, think how much you’d change their day and their outlook on their own image.

Don’t be afraid to love your own skin!


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