5 Things Every Louis Vuitton Bag Lover Should Know

If your favorite pastime is retail therapy, then you have probably heard about Louis Vuitton. Popularly known as LV, this brand is the holy grail for every luxury shopper in the world. Louis Vuitton is a brand that has survived the test of time by releasing timeless designs that are of consistently high since they began production. So it should come as no surprise that designer bags always have a high price tag on them. However, this has locked out a majority of shoppers who would love to own a high-end bag without having to pay the full retail price.

Louis Vuitton

Cue pre-owned Louis Vuitton bags! Many online and physical stores have taken up the responsibility of connecting designer bag lovers to second-hand luxury brands. However, while this seems like the best news in the world, the trick is to find an authentic piece among the myriads of fake LV bags out there. So before going on your next discount shopping spree, here are 5 you should know about buying pre-owned Louis Vuitton bags:

1. Buy from Legitimate Sellers

Hello, Captain Obvious! While this point might seem pretty obvious, many people negate the importance of buying from legitimate designer bag sellers. Buying the merch fresh from a branded shop is a walk in the park. However, if you are going for a pre-owned version, then you really have to be more careful.

Keep in mind that a trusted seller who will not compromise on the quality and will ensure that you get end up with an authentic piece. Going this route will also help you get unbelievable deals. For instance, this Louis Vuitton bags dealer has an online store that features a diverse selection of real pre-owned bags and offers you up to 60% off the recommended retail price. The bags are of the best quality and are bound to give you the real experience of owning a genuine luxury Louis Vuitton bag.

2. The Detail is in the Interior

Usually, you can identify Louis Vuitton knockoffs by looking at the interior. This is one detail that counterfeiters have not been able to cover comprehensively. It is easy for them to get the construction and the materials used pretty close to the real deal, but they have never been able to get the presses that this revered brand has used since time immemorial.

Before selecting your prized possession, ensure that you have a glimpse of the handiwork on the interior. In real LV bags, the internal logo is placed on the center of the leather patch. It is also very legible and has been intricately embossed.

3. It’s all in the Quality

This is probably one of the hardest features for newbies in the luxury brand to access when they encounter a Louis Vuitton bag. The finished product should have no imperfections – right from the hardware to the smallest details such as the stitching. In fact, the stitching on real LV bags is pretty distinctive. It’s weirdly uniform on the fabric and handles, to the extent of having the same number of stitches. Also, the hardware is made from heavy duty brass pieces that have either been stamped the LV or Louis Vuitton logo.

4. Check out the Monogram

Now, the monogram is probably the most faked detail in Louis Vuitton fakes, which is ironic since this part of the bag was meant to prevent any form of counterfeiting. Since 1959, the LV monogram has had four ornamentations. These include the fleur de lis, the italicized interlocking LV, the quatrefoil, and the inverted fleur de lis. If the monogram is diagonally placed, it will always follow this sequence: LV, fleur de lis, inverted fleur de lis, quatrefoils, LV. Anything that is not in this order or is not made from brown cotton fabric is a fake.

5. The Signature Louis Vuitton Stamping

Before you make your purchase of a pre-owned LV bag, be sure to check out the stamping that is located inside the bag. Authentic pieces will have a patch stitched on the inside of the bag. If you want to tell whether the pre-owned bag is not genuine, it will probably have the stamp on the fabric.


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    I didn’t know any of these things like the stamp, hadn’t heard of that before! I found this really interesting, it would be so cool to own a LV piece one day.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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