Looking for a Gig? Check Out Special Guest App

Looking for a Gig? Check Out Special Guest App

Finding a gig as an entertainer is extremely hard sometimes. You need to know the right people in order to find a gig, and once you find one there’s no guarantee that you’ll be paid adequate or treated fairly. Almost every small town entertainer has a story about some small venue taking advantage of their work and giving them poor treatment. All people are really looking for is a shot at making it big, but the chances of that happening organically is quite slim. Thankfully, Special Guest App allows you to work with venues to receive gigs and fair treatment, and that’s just the start of it! Here all are the reasons that you should check out Special Guest App as an entertainer

Find Gigs Easily

The main feature of using Special Guest App is its ability to help you find gigs. All you have to do is simply fill out a talent profile containing your basic information like your entertainment style, your location, and your payment rates. You then can decorate your talent profile with photos and videos of you and your performances. Next, you just sit back and wait for the gig offers to start rolling in. Your talent profile will automatically be included when people search for your type of entertainer in your specific location. This makes the gig-finding process so much easier for everyone involved.

Network With Venues

By working with Special Guest App you are offered the unique experience of networking with various venues. Not only will you be able to be hired and keep in contact with the venues that hire you directly from the platform, but you also may be able to network further. Special Guest App works directly with venues in order to help them fill their entertainment needs. Garner enough attention and positive reviews from the platform’s users, and Special Guest App may just reach out and ask you to perform at some of your local venues that need entertainment. This is a great way to establish much needed connections in the entertainment industry and can be a great way to further your career.

Obtain Trusted Reviews

One of the main perks of working with Special Guest App is the ability to garner reviews from your past customers. After you complete a gig, customers can then leave a review on your talent profile. These reviews can be complete with a rating system and a text post, ensuring that your customer’s voice and opinion are heard. If you continually perform your gigs at a high level, then satisfied customers will continue to leave positive reviews on your talent profile. These positive reviews can help you earn more gigs in the future and can help you continue to build a name for yourself.

Receive Payment Through the App

When using the Special Guest App, talent can be paid directly through the platform. Gone are the days of waiting around for hours after the gig just to be paid. Now, payment is secured through Special Guest before you even complete your gig. On the completion of your gig, your funds will be released to you with no extra hassle. This makes the payment process so much easier for both the entertainer and the venue.

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