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How to Keep Your Kitchen Organized and Functional

In case you are planning on remodeling your kitchen visiting a kitchen warehouse is the perfect place to check for kitchen fixtures and accessories. Before putting your remodeling plan in place jot down your ideas on paper and vision how you want the finished look of your kitchen. It is also important to think practical when remodeling the kitchen – decide on the design of the cabinet and where they will be placed. Imagine if you have a small space you still want a kitchen that is functional.

kitchen cabinet functional organized

When the kitchen is designed to be organized with functional space it decreases the amount of time spent in the kitchen to prepare a meal. Some great kitchen units for keeping the kitchen functional with ample storage includes:

Organized and Functional Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are often custom made to your liking or they are pre-assembled and await installation. The design includes everything such as the layout, material and finishes to complete the overall look of your desired cabinet. Cabinets can be used above and below the kitchen counter which can give you more work space and storage area. If you have a bigger space you might want to consider island cabinets where you have a cabinet in the center of your kitchen. For smaller kitchen traditional layout of cabinets works best.

To get a cabinet that matches your lifestyle and fits into your kitchen while being functional and perfect for organizing; you will need to get a floor plan, elevation and perspective of your kitchen.

Think Layout

Floor plan – a floor plan gives an idea of the kitchen wall layout from above; it outlines the components that you want in the kitchen to fill the space such as base cabinets, wall cabinets, island cabinets and tall cabinets. Other things like lighting and electrical sockets are shown on the floor plan.

Elevation – this is a flat drawing that gives an elevated view as if you were facing it. This allows you to see the details of the cabinetry components that are not visible in the floor plan view. It can also be used to see the height of the kitchen components.

Perspective – this is a 3-D or three-dimensional drawing that shows the actual space that would be used up. The actual view of cabinets and appliances can be seen.

Cabinets are the main kitchen units within our households, business or environment. In order to keep a kitchen functional and organized it is important to test the layout of the fixtures. If you have a dysfunctional kitchen with poor layout, limited counter space and lack of storage; use these ideas above to create a kitchen that is organized and functional.


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  • Berdens Julceus

    Thank you for writing this article. Very insightful.

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  • RugKnots Area Rugs

    These are great tips! Never would’ve thought about diving the floor plan and the 3D plan (just would probably factor them together). So interesting read. 🙂

    October 1, 2018 at 5:14 pm Reply
  • Rugman Persian Rugs

    Having functional cabinets is such a simple tip, but I hardly see many people applying it.
    Hopefully this article helps the people who haven’t thought about it yet.

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