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How to Choose Interior Design Trends For Your Home

Interior Design Trends For Your Home

Pinterest, magazines, and generally every advertisement known to man sells you something. You might not buy from the company itself, but you do eventually get sold on trends. This isn’t always a bad thing. Interior design trends can help you discover your own personal tastes, sense of style, and of course; offer you the chance to bring that design idea into your own home. On the other hand, trends can also trick our brains through the power of repetition. We see it so much we start to like it, but once the media passes onto the next big thing, you are left with something you don’t actually care about. This can be manageable if it was a shirt you bought on a whim, but when it comes to interior design, you have to be very careful about what trends you buy in to. You need to love your home, so to help you pick out interior design trends that actually speak to you and those that just speak loudly, follow these tips:

Be Open to Inspiration

Be open to inspiration wherever you go. Get Pinterest, make a board, create a scrapbook and cut out ideas, or even just snap a picture when you see a design you really like on the go. Not every idea you like will be incorporated into your home, but knowing what you love can be invaluable to the design process.

But Don’t Let Yourself Fall Victim to Interior Design Trends

Building up these collections as you go is really important because it gives you the ability to go back and see where your true tastes lie. If you look at your scrapbook or Pinterest board and there are some outliers in the overall aesthetic you seem to be going for, ask yourself if you genuinely love it, or if it is just a trend you’ve seen so often.

When In Doubt, Stick to the Basics

Choosing the right trends to put in your home can be challenging, which is why it is best to start with the basics:

  1. Light
  2. Nature
  3. Space

Try to create a harmonious space that works with your needs. If you want to add in fun designs, by all means, do so in the furniture or decoration. The bare bones of your property should be a canvas that all your tastes will look great against.

Areas to Focus Your Remodeling Efforts On

There are three main areas you want to focus on: kitchen, bathrooms, and storage. These areas will likely cost the most at once to complete, and therefore should be done as quickly as possible. When it comes to kitchen and bath remodeling projects, for example, you can have beautiful results in a few weeks by using the right contractor and maintaining the current floorplan. When committing to these big projects, however, remember to add as much smart storage options as possible.

How Long You Should Wait Before Renovating

Finally, give yourself some cooling off time. This is particularly important if you have just moved into your new home. Ideally, wait at least three months before you commit to any big project. Though this can easily go up to a year if you want to be confident of your design. This will give you time to live in the space and understand its needs; as well as solidify your design ideas.


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