How to Decorate a Theme Party

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If you’ve never decorated for a party before, it might appear to be simpler than it really is. Sure, you’re going to purchase decorations and set them out before everyone arrives, but that process can be more time consuming than you might realize.

To throw a great themed party complete with decorations, you will want a plan. Here is a simple guide to making sure your decorating plan is on point, so your guests will be amazed.

Pick a Theme

In order to know where to start with your decorating plan, you will need to pick a theme. The possibilities are practically endless so your theme may be inspired by the person being honored at the party, a pop culture trend, or your favorite TV show. Your theme can even be a combination of colors.

Overall, the theme of the party should be appropriate for what’s being celebrated. To find inspiration, you might consider visiting a store or website that sells party supplies to see what is available.

Also, you’ll be able to shop by price in case you’re decorating on a budget. There’s a good chance if one theme has gone to the clearance section, that there are several items from that theme also available for a discounted price.

Know Your Venue

Even before you’re 100% certain what your party theme will be, it’s wise to get the dimensions of your party venue. Grab a pad of paper and measuring tape to draw a diagram of your space. This way you’ll know the length you need for some decorations like streamers, how far apart you’ll place bunches of balloons, determine how many balloons to buy, and more.

You’ll want to also include any furniture that is available for use in case you decide to purchase table clothes, food displays, or other decorations.

Graph paper can be a game changer because you can draw your space to scale. You can even cut out movable pieces to represent furniture and help figure out the best layout.

If you’re more tech-savvy, there are several room design apps you can download to do the same thing with worrying about losing a “chair.” Most are used for remodeling but building the space to keep track of dimensions is another use for these apps.

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Plan Your Space

This step is best done before you purchase decorations, but it can be done after. This will help you avoid overspending on decorations for your party. Here’s an example of why this step is important.

Let’s say you know you want to put up streamers to hang along the corners of the ceiling. You know how long the walls are and have determined the total length of streamers you need. However, you’re planning to project pictures on part of the wall, and the streamers will interfere with what’s being shown. You might be able to cut a few feet off your total need for streamers because now you won’t be hanging them there.

If there are any games you plan to play at your party, you’ll want to make sure there is enough space available. You may decide to remove some furniture items to make room, and now won’t be needing to purchase decorations for them. On the flip side, you might decide to bring in more tables for seating, and that will add to your total tablecloth count.

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Purchase the Decorations

There really is no limit to what you can buy. You will want to make sure it matches your theme or else your guests will be wondering what the theme is. Here is a list of some common party decorations:

· Tablecloths

· Serving dishes, plates, napkins, and cutlery

· Balloons and streamers

· Table decorations

· Wall and window decals

· Confetti

· Party bags (if you’re having any favors)

It will be great if everything matches, but let’s say you can’t find any cutlery that is superhero themed. Instead, grab some forks, knives, and spoons that are a single color that fit within the theme’s color palette. For this example, blue and black are good solutions for almost any superhero.

Also, a good rule of thumb is if you can’t picture where it will go, don’t buy it! You’ll end up having it laying around with no use, or you’ll end up taking up more of your time to return it.

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Now your party theme can come to life! Make your vision come true by hanging up and putting out all your decorations. Schedule time the day before the party to decorate in case you need to run and get more supplies.

Remember to decorate where food will go. There are thousands of ideas for themed party treats and platters on Pinterest. You can create them yourself or ask a local food provider if they can create something special to bring some fun to your food table.


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