7 Tips for Choosing the best Custom T-Shirt Printing Company

Custom t-shirt printing has become highly popular and trendy over the years. Regardless of whether you are an artist, a visual creator or a corporate, putting your design on the t-shirt can be massively appealing.  It can be used as a marketing material and one has the freedom to choose the words, design, photographs, text etc of one’s choice that he/she wants to get printed on the t-shirt. Today, there are numerous companies that are involved in providing this service but to choose the right company for you is a crucial task. Here, we are discussing 7 best tips as to how to choose the right custom t-shirt company for you.

custom t-shirt printing company

To choose custom t-shirt the best, have a look at these points:

1)    Number of t-shirts

The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind while choosing your custom t-shirt printing company is the number of articles that you need.  Do you want a single t-shirt, a pack of 10-20 or for thousands of members of your corporate team? As there are some companies that print t-shirts in bulk and not just a single t-shirt. Therefore, it is necessary to consider this point and in case you want t-shirts in bulk, then you can negotiate and look for possible higher discounts and whole lot prices that can benefit you.

2)      Design

The design is the most important thing that should be kept in mind while choosing the custom t-shirt printing company. There are various companies that offer limited designs and therefore it could restrict you to choose the design of your choice. On the other hand, there are companies that do not limit the choices. They allow you to come up with your total unique ideas and concepts and they are totally comfortable to print your idea on your t-shirts.

3)    Clothing items

It is really important to check the clothing items of the company before placing the order to your company. Printing can be done on any type and quality of t-shirts and the list is so long. You should always check for the fine cotton quality, trendy cut designs, more color ranges and more varieties or kinds of t-shirts such as vests, collarless t-shirts, polo t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts or short-sleeve t-shirts. After analyzing all the points, choose your style of t-shirt according to your choice.

4)    In-house operation

This is another thing to look at when choosing the best custom t-shirt printing company as it makes a huge difference. It is crucial to know whether the company prints the t-shirts on its own or they are involved in outsourcing the printing services. You should be aware of their graphic designing and press team.

5)    Budget

Budget is a very crucial factor to take it into consideration at the beginning of the whole process. You must be assured that you would be getting the quality product at a reasonable price. The price that you are paying should be satisfactory. There are companies that can give you the product for the cheap price but the quality they provide can be inferior. Therefore, you should check a sample piece of the product that they will be providing before paying.

6)    Reviews

Today, every company whether small or large has an online presence that reflects their offers. Reviews are the best way through which one can see the company’s reputation and customer’s feedback for it. You can go through the company website profile or webpage to look at the customer’s review and their experience with that company. Do look at their testimonials and you can also ask them to send email feedback if needed.

7)    Customer service

The customer service is one of the most vital factors to consider when selecting the best custom printing t-shirt company. It is really important to know about how the company responds to its customers’ problems, inquiries, suggestions or complaints as a good company always listens and works for the full satisfaction of its customers. Therefore, you should always go for the company that considers their customers their first priority and resolves their issues in no time.


So, these are the seven best tips that should be considered and followed when selecting the best custom t-shirt printing company for your event or corporation. You should always look at the reviews, in-house operations, and budget and customer services crucially before placing huge orders.


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