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It seems like everyone is going gaga for the grunge look right now. Even the likes of Selena Gomez have started taking a leaf out of 90’s grunge queen Courtney Love’s style book, and it seems that every other person you pass is wearing an oversized T0-shirt emblazoned with the image of her late husband Kurt Cobain, or is band Nirvana.

If you love this particular slice of 90’s fashion and you want to recreate it for yourself right now in 2018, this is good news because it has never been easier to do. But, how exactly do you do grunge in 2018? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Go Oversized

One of the easiest ways to get the grunge look id by pairing an old pair of jeans with a t-shirt that is at least two sizes too big for you. You’ll get extra points if it features a classic grunge band like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Hole or Alice in Chains and another point if you layer it up with a long sleeve top underneath. Which brings us to…


In most of the images you see of grunge icon Kurt Cobain, he is wearing multiple layers. He’ll typically have on a long sleeved t-shirt under a band shirt with a plaid shirt or sweater. He even used to wear multiple pairs of jeans at the same time! He did this because he didn’t like how thin he was, but it became a real fashion statement at the time (well, not the jeans thing, but the layers were definitely big).

baby doll

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If you’re looking for a more feminine look, then look no further than Courtney Love and her one-time friend Kat Bjelland who were both fans of the ‘kinderwhore’ look. To achieve this look, find the cutest, most childlike babydoll or tea dress you can – extra points if it’s really figure-hugging, and pair it with bright red lipstick, sexy fishnets and if you want to harden it up a little a pair of Doc Martens. You’ll look amazing.

Pierce It

Most of the classic grunge stars like Chris Cornell, Courtney Love and Patty Schemel didn’t actually have any facial piercings, but they are certainly a popular part of the modern grunge look. A couple of well-placed nose studs or lip piercings, whether real or fake, can really help you take the grunge look to the next level.


Image source: Flickr


Whatever you’re wearing, whether it’s a pretty dress or a jean shorts and t-shirt combo, throw a plaid shirt over it, and you’ll instantly be 100 percent more grunge. Who said fashion had to be difficult?

A Little Slip

As well as being known for her vintage tea dresses, Courtney love was also famous for wearing silky slip dresses that left almost nothing to the imagination, often paired with a cheap tiara perched atop her messy blonde head of hair. Bring this look up to date by pairing it with a sexy biker jacket, and you’ll be good to go.

Time to get your grunge on!

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