Do I Look Feminine Enough?

Everyone has a model we look up to for guidance. When it comes to style and beauty, the same principle applies. Whether you follow Beyonce or Kim Kardashian on Instagram for confident inspiration on how to rock killer curves to collecting photos of Gigi Hadid to motivate yourself to keep to your workout plan, there is an image of feminine beauty that you adhere to.

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What the perfect woman is to you defines the beauty goals you’ve set for yourself. It doesn’t matter how much you fight sexist comments and obstacles at work and in your neighborhood. Ultimately, you can’t lie to yourself. Of course, you know that a woman deserves the same chances and opportunities than a man. She is able to make her own decisions, and she can accomplish anything she sets her heart to. But the appearance of an individual also plays a significant role in their sense of self-worth.

You are a strong and independent woman who knows what she wants for herself. But you also want to like the person in the mirror, and that’s precisely where Beyonce, Gigi and all the others can help. They provide an image of womanhood that serves as an objective. Eventually, you want to love yourself for your achievements and your looks. A woman is, after all, the complete package! So what, in your opinion, makes you feel like a woman?

Forever youthful and the female charm

There is no denying that the best way to find your self-confidence and define your self-worth is to feel good about yourself. It’s not uncommon for young women who are willing to compete in areas that used to be perceived as male sectors – such as building a career as an entrepreneur for instance – to ignore their beauty routine, as if not taking care of your appearance could be the way for women to achieve high standards. Consequently, factors such as stress, lack of sleep and poor eating habits can rapidly impact on the appearance and cause women to feel less feminine. There is nothing wrong with entertainment your natural feminine charms while pursuing intellectual and professional objectives. A youthful look is often associated with a woman’s beauty and her confidence. Your skin, like any organ, requires vitamins and minerals to maintain its health. Hydration, as in consuming a lot of water, is essential, but you can also give your skin a boost by applying fruity face masks. It’s a great way of nourishing your skin with all the necessary vitamins! You might also want to help your body to heal, aka to regenerate itself. When cells lose the ability to heal themselves, wrinkles can appear. Vitamin A via retinol creams can help to skin’s repairing process and make you feel young and womanly.

Long hair and femininity

There is a conception that long hair is synonymous with femininity and attractiveness. According to a study from the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, women with short hair are perceived as equally attractive. Where does the idea that long hair and beauty belong together come from? Culturally speaking, long hair is a sign of health, fertility, and beauty as you have more styling options. Additionally, if you’re worried about facial elements such as a too long nose or small eyes, it’s scientifically proven that a long hairstyle can counterbalance your insecurities. However, growing your hair long doesn’t happen overnight. While you can use a hair growth shampoo to get a boost, you will also need to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Processed foods, greasy diets and high stress can affect the textures and color of your hair.

Do you need to be slim to feel like a woman?

Feeling womanly is closely linked to how attractive you perceive yourself. Long hair, as we’ve just discussed, can help. But body confidence is key too. The main reason for weight loss challenges isn’t health but beauty aspiration. And ultimately, in the mind of many women, the ability to maintain a healthy weight is part of the secret to beautiful womanhood. Here’s a tip for you: Weight maintenance needs to remain healthy, as the consumption of anti-fat and other cheat pills can affect your metabolism and organs over time, and consequently your appearance too. Ultimately, the best way to keep your body in shape is to respect it and look after it. In short, if you want Kim’s killer butt, you’ll need to work hard and keep at it!

Mastering the secrets of the perfect beauty routine

Did you know that being able to apply makeup to emphasize your best features belongs to the essential quality of a real woman? It might sound silly or superficial at first, but you need to think of makeup as a showcase of your feminine attributes. In Western cultures, the ideal woman has large eyes, a small nose and plump lips. You can use makeup to alter your just out of bed look and transform it into a glamorous lady. For instance, knowing how to highlight your eyes can completely change how others will perceive the shape of your face. Hooded eyes and monolid eyes can use a soft smoky effect to open up the area; while close-set eyes need deeper and matte shades on the outer corner to add length. In short, you may not be born with Angelina Jolie’s almond eyes or Anne Hathaway’s large round eyes, but it doesn’t have to stop you from feeling like a woman!

What is the definition of being womanly?

While you’re trying to fit a definition of what a woman has to look like to be attractive, it’s important to be aware of the social gender stereotypes around you. When culturally girls still receive the message that they’re weak and vulnerable; you need to ensure that your beauty aspirations are the result of your own choice and not an unconscious response to a stereotyped education. Womanhood comes from matching your aspirations as a woman. Your beauty style is your own, and just as you shouldn’t let your gender defines your role in society; you shouldn’t let it define for you what beauty means. You’ll never feel more beautiful and feminine than when you are exactly who YOU wanted to be.

Femininity is a complicated feeling that every woman has to explore for herself. From defining your beauty standards to finding your womanhood’s icons, you are in the driving seat of your femininity.


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