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Decorating Your Home in Do-it-Yourself Style

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There is only one way you can feel like a house is your own home: by decorating it the way you want it to look like. There’s this amazing feeling that wraps around us whenever we see ourselves radiating and reflecting around our own home, which immediately makes us feel proud and happy.

Here, we will talk about how you can spice your home up without having to spend tons of money on it. Using white chalk marker, stamps, craft kits, and the likes is the way to decorating your home with minimal costs, so go ahead and read on!

Get Affordable Picture Frames

This one’s probably the easiest of the bunch, as you would only have to get a few cheap frames and put your favorite pictures in them. This is an amazing way to personalize your home and truly make it your own. Get frames that look similar to each other, yet are different in size. You can also mix and match a few colors, but make sure that they compliment each other.

Choose pictures that you know would speak to you on a personal level — ones that are truly special to you and will make you smile whenever you see them.

Buy Different Types of Paint

Changing your home’s paint is one way to freshen things up instantly. It does not matter whether it’s spray paint, wall paint, craft paint, or porch paint — as long as you repaint your home every now and then, it will always look new and fresh.

If you do not want to paint your whole room, then go ahead and just a few accents to it. Not only will this make it look cool, but it will also be much cheaper than an actual paint job for your whole home.

Craft Some Mason Jar Lights

If you want your home to have that rustic feel, then go ahead and make some mason jar lights. Making these might take a little bit of your time, but they are truly worth it. It’s not that difficult to craft, too, as all you need is a light bulb of your preference, a mason jar, and a few wires for hanging and lighting it up.

Use warm lights for that cozy and homey feel and place them in the kitchen or in your own room. This is also much better and cheaper than buying chandeliers and other types of lighting at the store.

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Make Use of Plants and Dried Flowers

Don’t throw those dried flowers and leaves just yet, as they can serve as an amazing decoration for your home. If you love the outdoors and you are always amazed by how flowers and leaves look, then this DIY project is for you. You can also use your old mason jars with these dried flowers and leaves — just place those fresh plants on your mason jars, wrap some fairy lights on it, and you are done!

You can also put the dried flowers inside picture frames and hang them up on your wall. This will give a rustic and unique vibe to your whole home.

You will be surprised at how good your home will look after doing these DIY projects. It will give your room and home an accent that you never thought would be possible with a minimal budget, so go ahead and start your project soon.


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    I love the idea of using dried flowers to decorate your home. I am going to have to try them along with the mason jar. Thanks so much for sharing!

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