Which is better when it comes to Cosmetic Treatments – a Surgical or Non-Surgical Approach?

It’s understandable to want to keep finding new ways to aesthetically slow down, or perhaps even reverse, the aging process. Perhaps, like estate agent Caroline in a story told by BuzzFeed News, you have stocked up on serums and essences to that end.

However, like Caroline, you might have seen diminishing returns from using these products. To the extent that you may have started considering either surgical or non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

non-surgical treatment

“Sample” a new look by first using non-surgical treatment

In Caroline’s case, being injected with a filler worked wonders: she not only benefit from higher and more pronounced cheekbones but also upwardly-pulled skin reducing the look of laughter lines around her mouth and nose. Fillers can, still, spare you needing to commit to a new look firmly.

This is because non-surgical treatments do not produce lasting results. They need to be regularly repeated, so you can do away with a particular look if you don’t end up loving it.

However, what if you have excessive loose skin?

Here, what constitutes “excessive” – enough for you to rule out a non-surgical approach? To decide, follow this simple tip provided by NewBeauty: try to pinch a problem area of your skin between two fingers. If the skin there is sufficiently loose to make this easily possible, you likely need surgery.

This is, at least, the case with the neck, jowls and eyelids. If you can grip skin in those areas between your fingers, you probably need it removed for it to be improved.

Non-surgical procedures can tide you over, but not always replace surgery

Fillers and the vaunted benefits of such have been so widely publicized that the treatment might often be chosen by people who want to keep aging at bay but feel too squeamish about subjecting themselves to surgery. However, you might have to give in at some point or another.

While fillers might actually suffice in your particular case. It’s also possible that excessive facial deflation and skin laxity have left you incapable of significantly making amends without surgery.

non-surgical procedures

Want quick results? Go for non-surgical treatment

We’re used to being told that we can’t expect to look good without putting a lot of time into doing so. Whether you want an athletic physique or simply to shift body fat. The same is true of surgery; in the sense that the downtime can be prohibitive for people with especially hectic lives.

If you want to slash your downtime and don’t mind needing successive treatments to maintain aesthetic results; then a non-surgical procedure would be recommended.

Want to look natural? Non-surgical treatment might be better

In an article for The Guardian, beauty blogger Claudia Wright says that she likes the “fake look” of her lip enhancements. While that kind of look is possible with lip fillers; you can also go for a more cautious approach to produce something comparatively natural-appearing. You might even be able to get those fillers and dermal fillers – for other parts of the face – at the same clinic.


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