Three Things to Check Before You Set Your Makeup

Some people swear by setting their makeup every step of the way. For most people who need to keep their morning makeup routine efficient; you set your makeup when you’re ready to go. That means everything should be in place and perfect.

To make sure you’re setting your makeup to look its best the whole day, check that these crucial products are in place:

set your makeup, foundation


Whether you applied a light coverage foundation or you went for full coverage; the foundation should not slip easily out of place. Look for crease marks under your eyes or on your forehead. You’re setting the product to make it last longer if you set it with those creases in place; the whole look has already been ruined before you even leave the house.


Eyebrow Liner

Eyebrows have become the standard of how a woman does her makeup. Others will judge or admire you for how well you did your eyebrows. You worked hard on shaping and filling your eyebrows, so it’s only right that you set the products you used to keep each hair in place. You invest in buying good eyebrow makeup online so that you’ll have eyebrows on fleek, but don’t forget to use that spoolie to brush the hairs into position and blend all the products you’ve used. Only after you’ve applied that final layer of concealer or highlighter along your brow bone will you be ready to set the makeup confidently.

wing liner


Whether you’re going for a natural look or a party-ready face, your eyeliner is there to enhance your features–if applied correctly. Check that the line is drawn straight and, if you’re going for cat eyes, make sure both eyes look the same. It’s easy enough to draw one eye and feel good about the result, but when you’re drawing the line on the other eye, that’s when things can easily go wrong. Use a Q-tip loaded with concealer to hide mistakes. That way, you won’t have to remove the full eyeliner and redo everything. Once you’re satisfied with your eyes, it’s time to turn to your handy setting spray or setting powder to finish up.

Your makeup will last longer if you set it properly. Before you go to that step, however, make sure that you’re satisfied with how every product looks on your face.


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  • Alice v

    Interesting and I never knew this was called “glass skin” routine. What’s the reason behind the name?

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    This is what I wanna really achieve! Thanks for sharing this!

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