What A Classic Proposal Style Looks Like

Marriage is something that has been around for thousands of years. It’s been able to romanticize the love two people share and has been looked upon as a way to give security to children. Although the concept had stayed the same, in which that it’s the beginning of a family or two people sharing the rest of their lives together, the styles have changed. The way we actually plan our marriages has changed the most as a trillion dollar industry has emerged for weddings. It all begins with the proposal which has also changed. In centuries gone by, the proposal was simply verbal and either the women accepted or she didn’t without any fuss. Nowadays, however, there are several ways a man can ask the question to his partner, that shows her how much he loves her and what kind of style and imagination he has. However, the classic proposal has stood the test of time.

The all-important place

The classic proposal makes sure that the location where the man gets down on one knee is just as beautiful as the engagement ring. Hence why you have modern pop-culture references to a proposal at a fine-dining restaurant. A walk by the river in Paris and perhaps in a fancy restaurant overlooking the London Eye are two examples of a perfect background. The location is important as there are stereotypical atmospheres where romance is most alive. The Spanish Steps is one of the more preferred locations in Italy, as the architecture, sculptures and water features stand out as a place of high antiquity. And, since the concept of marriage is so old, the location should have something historically important about it also, to add to the magic.

The glistening heart

The engagement ring is perhaps the true star of the show. No matter how well your day has gone, no matter how brilliant your meal was or the clothes you’re both wearing, the ring is by far the most exciting thing about an engagement. For the classic engagement style, you need Love and Promise’s classic styles, such as the 14kt rose gold round diamond ring with a halo style. The crown itself is square and encrusted with small diamonds. While the stone itself is cut roughly spherical. The stone sits upon a single band, also encrusted with diamonds. The clear diamond ring is the image that comes into our minds when we think of lavish jewellery. It’s also going to glisten in the moonlight and while you walk the streets underneath the lamp lights.

Formal attire

For an engagement, you should be trying to look your absolute best. That’s why couples will often book a table at a fine dining restaurant because they want to wear their formal clothes such as suits and evening dresses. The classic look of the man in a well-fitted suit and the lady in an elegant gown, seated at a French restaurant underneath a full moon is the picturesque image of the perfect proposal.

When you’re going to make a huge commitment to someone else and you are both ready to take on each other for the rest of your lives, the proposal should be one to remember. The classic proposal style is the most popular because it has everything the man and woman both desire in one night.

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