Chrissy’s Socks: Knee High, Thigh High

Do you just love wearing socks? Whether to create a fashion statement, for sport or simply to keep your feet warm? If your answer is yes, then Chrissy’s socks are just right for you. They can be styled and customized to your liking and is available in the colour and length of your choice. Socks are a cheap and affordable way to spice up your outfit. Whether you are a knee high or thigh high girl Chrissy’s Socks has it available for you.

Chrissy's Socks, knee high, thigh high socks

How to style Chrissy’s Socks

The sporty and playful look

Style these socks with your favorite running shoes or roller blades. They will look just as playful and sporty for the occasion. If you are in a team (cheerleader, basketball player, netball player, etc.) you and your teammates can look your best rocking these cute, adorable socks.

For chilly moments

The weather changes and it gets so chilly our feet trembles. Chrissy’s Socks will keep your feet snuggly and warm while looking fashionable at the same time. Who doesn’t like to make a fashion statement? I’m sure I do. Use these socks to express yourself today.

Jammin in a Jouvert

If you like to jam in a jouvert it’s nice to have a creative costume. With these knee high or thigh high socks you can stand loud in the crowd jammin’ in the streets. Thigh highs are my favorite and it pairs well with a cute booty shorts.


Find the best affordable non-slip socks at Chrissy’s Socks. Remember to customize to your liking. If you are a team player then grab a few for the entire team. These socks will have you standing out and looking your best while having the time of your life. You can own your pair as low as $0.99 and buy as much to get free shipping over $50.


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