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    Why You Should Consider an At-Home Microdermabrasion Device

    Microdermabrasion is an effective method for skin rejuvenation. This method used to only be offered for high-end celebrities in dermatologist offices, but now the average person can benefit from the use of this device at home.

    You can easily invest thousands of dollars by upholding the results of clinical microdermabrasion sessions.

    By buying an at home microdermabrasion device, you can still obtain those celebrity worthy results all while staying at home. Microdermabrasion can be an effective way to better your skin, and what better way to do this than in the comfort of your own home.

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    Say Goodbye to Dull Winter Skin

    winter skin

    We’re slowly easing our way out of winter and stepping into the spring. Chances are that by now you’ve experienced a few of the negative effects that winter months can have on your skin. Cold temperatures and harsh winds may have stripped moisture from your face; drying the sensitive skin out and resulting in dryness, dullness, and flakiness. You may also have been washing your face more regularly thanks to the coughs and colds that come hand in hand with flu season and the grubby feeling that this can leave you with. While you should wash your face to remove dirt at the end of the day; excessive washing can also have detrimental results for your skin’s health and appearance. But not to worry! You don’t have to deal with this much longer; as the weather is warming and flu season is coming to an end. What’s more? There are a few things you can do in order to improve the condition of your skin in the meantime. Here are some for you to try out! Read more

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    Get Happier, Healthier, Hydrated Skin

    Hydrated skin is healthy skin. You don’t want your skin to be dried out and itchy or flaking, or it could cause lots of problems for you. Dry skin can look dull, and it’s not a great idea to apply makeup and other products to dry skin either. You might be liberally applying moisturizer and body lotion every chance you get, but that won’t necessarily help if you’re not doing a few other things. If you want to get better hydrated skin, you can try a few different things to achieve that healthy glow.

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    Searching The Globe For The Best Facial Skincare

    Until the widespread use of the internet, most of the time, us girls had to make do with the facial skin care that was available in the location that we lived in. Maybe a friend would bring you back a cult product from their travels if you were lucky? Maybe, you could even find one or two hard to get products stocked in high-end department stores? However, now the situation has changed, and it is quite possible to get the best products from all around the world by ordering them online. With this in mind check out some of the best products on global facial skincare market below.

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    Love The Skin Your In

    It is hard to love the skin you’re in when we as humans love to point out the faults that we have. We’re so easy to criticise ourselves when it is just as easy to love our bodies as well. Social media has helped to form an idea of what the perfect body should be. Couple this with celebrities always in the media showcasing their perfect bodies, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a lot of self-consciousness. But whilst we always search to pick out the bad, we should be trying to pick out the good, and even changing the bad. Yes, everyone has something wrong with them, and no one is perfect. So we’re here to help you learn to love your body.

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    Fabulous Beauty Fixes… Which Can Be Achieved Without Buying A Single Product

    Let’s face it, we all have something that we could do without when we stare at our reflections in the mirror. We can’t help comparing ourselves to the airbrushed, glowing images of perfection that populate billboards and commercials everywhere we look. The trouble with self-image is that it doesn’t adapt to time very well. Thus, when we look in the mirror we expect to see the pert 19 year old we’d like to remember ourselves as rather than the older, wiser and equally beautiful but slightly more shelf worn version of you. It’s a perfectly natural phenomenon, and while we all want to look gorgeous whatever our ages, often our lifestyles and the harsh realities of the ultra-hectic 21st century aren’t always conducive to looking our best.

    glow, self-image

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    Healthy Habits For Healthy Skin

    natural beauty, healthy skin

    Natural beauty is something we all strive for in life. It’s all well and good putting tonnes of makeup on to make ourselves feel confident and pretty, but what happens when we take it off at the end of the day? As much as makeup can hide a multitude of sins, it is your skin which can really show your natural features in the best way. Looking after our skin is the most important part of any beauty routine, and here are some of the healthy habits you can take up in your life to get healthier, flawless skin. Read more

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    Adult Acne: How To Handle This Common Skin Issue

    We shouldn’t be struggling with our skin at our age, should we? The truth is though, it is becoming more and more common for women to struggle with things like acne, and it can be quite a confidence bashing thing to go through. Many situations can cause us to struggle with acne and spots on our skin. It might be that you have a stressful lifestyle or tend to play as hard as you work. So a good look at your lifestyle might help you on the way to improving the situation in some way. However, don’t despair, as it is so common there are some great ways to try and prevent the issue getting worse, and hopefully help you to get over this skin issue for good.

    woman acne

    Image source: Pxhere

    Could you be drinking more water?

    Water is one of those things that we possibly take for granted. But if we don’t drink enough each day it can really affect how we look and how we feel. Not only does drinking the recommended amount help with our mood, our sleep and how we feel in general, it can have a dramatic effect on how our skin looks. It’s a real big contender when it comes to combating some of the problems we can all face with adult acne. If you struggle drinking a lot of water then try keeping a bottle with you at all times, it can serve as a gentle reminder to keep sipping away.

    Are they spots or are they scars?

    Often the after effect of an acne breakout isn’t just the spots but the marks and scarring that can appear afterward. This is when you may need to take a more dramatic approach to ensure that you clear your skin up for good. Companies like Dore Aesthetics can help to combat some of the issues we can face with scarring, which can help to improve the confidence you feel moving forward. You can also opt for healthy oils which carries a lot of benefits.

    Speak with a skincare specialist about a consistent routine

    When it comes to adult acne, skincare is an essential way to combat the issues moving forward. Which is why it is important to ensure that you develop a routine that works well with your skin type but also means that you can remain consistent with the routine you develop. A specialist can help determine your skin type and the best products to use to get the best results.

    Try some of the at home remedies that can drastically improve it

    Often taking action at home can be a great way to resolve your skincare issues, and some ingredients sat in your kitchen cupboards and fridge are the perfect remedies to clear problematic skin and acne. For example, lemon juice with its acidic nature can work well when left on your skin for ten minutes. You can then use other things like cucumber slices to add some moisture back into your skin and to refresh how it feels. There are plenty of other methods online that use ingredients including honey, turmeric and even baking soda.

    I hope that these tips help you handle adult acne.

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    The Sexy Side of Stretch Marks

    What is sexy? Ask most people to define sexy, and stretch marks are not likely to make the list. Yet, stretch marks may just be the ultimate in sexy, topping the list over long legs, a flat stomach or a killer “come hither” gaze.

    The problem is that over the years sexy has become equated with perfection, and we, as a society, have lost sight of what it is to be sexy. The perfect blemish-free bodies that we see in advertisements and on television are but one interpretation of the word ­– an interpretation that is driven by a desire to sell the product. The spokesmodels featured in commercials deliver a very clear message: “Purchase our product, and you can have a perfect body like ours.” Whether the commercial is selling hair color, cosmetics or the latest miracle cream, the goal is the same: to leave women feeling unsatisfied with their bodies, so that they will run out to purchase more products.

    Yet, as much as they want you to believe in the power of their wares, no company can sell sexy. It’s not something that can be found in a bottle or tube, and it has little to do with having the perfect body. Women are proving this every day There are plenty of mothers, and wives, who lead busy lives in less-than-perfect bodies and still manage to be undeniably sexy. These are the women who truly define sexy.

    Study these women for any length of time, and you will find that they all have one thing in common: They are not afraid to live.

    While other women are busy worrying about their bodies, these women are out trying new things, seeking adventure and making the most of every day. These women have their own brand of sexy that has nothing to do with beauty and everything to do with living. If life should leave a mark on their bodies then so be it; these women realize that a blemish is a small price to pay for the chance to experience life.

    stretch marks

    She’s the mother of my child

    Daniel McWhirter, a first-time father from Knoxville, Tenn., has learned firsthand just how sexy motherhood can be. He says of his wife, “I love the sacrifice she made letting her body go through the internal and external changes of pregnancy. There’s nothing better than going to bed with the mother of my child.”

    This is what sexy is all about. It isn’t about having the perfect body or achieving eternal youth. Sexy is about sharing your life with someone and loving that person completely, stretch marks and all. You may worry that your husband does not find you as sexy as he did before your pregnancy. This is a common concern among women, and yet it is usually a needless worry. If asked, most husbands would say that they find their wives to be just as sexy as before.

    In fact, you may be surprised to learn that your husband finds you to be sexier with stretch marks. They are, after all, a beautiful reminder of the child that you created together and an intimate detail of your body that only he is privy to. If you need further reassurance, just ask your husband what he thinks of your stretch marks. His answer will probably put your worries to rest.

    She embraced life as it is

    Dick Burgess, a father of five from Maryville, Tenn., agrees that there is something far sexier about a woman with stretch marks. “It’s unrealistic to expect fulfillment from our bodies without the normal signs of use showing up,” he says. “I much prefer women who have embraced life as it is and look it, [than] a woman who has done nothing but dote on her exterior self.”

    When you consider your stretch marks in this context, any concern for their appearance seems trivial. They not only tell the tale of who you are as a woman, but also serve as a reminder of how you became that woman. From the moment when a doctor first placed your child into your arms, your role as a woman changed forever. You were no longer just a daughter, wife and friend. At that moment you became someone’s mother, and that little baby in your arms began to count on you.

    Taking on the responsibility for another life teaches a woman much about herself. No matter how strong you think you are; it is not until motherhood has tested your strengths that you truly find out who you are as a woman. It seems appropriate then that motherhood should change a woman’s body as much physically as it has mentally.

    I’m a strong, capable and courageous woman

    Gina Osher, a mother of twins and the owner of, couldn’t agree more. “I’m proud a mama of twins and motherhood has left an imprint on my body as well as my heart,” she says. “It reminds me that I’m a strong, capable and courageous woman.”

    Her words prove that your stretch marks are what you make of them. See them as a reminder of your strengths, and they will empower you. See them as a source of embarrassment, and they will hold you back.

    It is my badge of honor

    Kathy Susczewicz, a mother of five, is completely at peace with who she is and makes no apologies for the stretch marks that motherhood has left on her body. “Mothers should wear their stretch marks as a badge of honor,” she says.

    It is completely possible then to incorporate your stretch marks into your sex appeal. The key is finding peace with your body, and it all starts with learning to see your stretch marks as an asset. It may seem strange to think of your stretch marks as an asset, but that is just what they are. Your stretch marks show far more about who you are as a person than any flawless body could ever hope to reveal. Be proud of that person, and everyone will be drawn to you. And so they should.

    Despite what any commercial claims, stretch marks are sexy. They tell the tale of a woman who has lived a fulfilled life, and it doesn’t get any sexier than that.

    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Beauty that walks as a whole.

    Author bio: Lou Rutkevich has written frequently on pregnancy and parenting issues, and is involve in fitness program. Spending 4x a week in gym and is obsessed in getting healthy more than anything else, she launched her first book in Amazon, entitled Healthy Eating Habits: A Get-Healthy Guide To Tweak And Balance Your Daily Diet

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    7 Ways To Lose Stretch Marks

    Stretch marks aren’t pretty. They can occur due to a variety of reasons, the most common being pregnancy or weight gain. Fortunately, there are ways to remove these marks (or at the very least make them appear less vicious). Here are 7 methods for removing stretch marks from your skin.


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    The Biggest Culprits Behind Your Skin Problems

    Do you wish you didn’t have to put up with dry, flaky skin? Are you continually feeling jealous of your friends who look like they have flawless complexions, all the time? If so, don’t panic – there’s probably a few things you are doing that are causing you problems, and a few little tweaks to your routine could prove to be the difference. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant culprits behind your skin issues, and a few simple suggestions on how to solve them.

    acne-pores-skin-pimple-female-skin problems

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