blendSMART Automated Makeup Brush System Review

blendSMART Automated makeup brush

Getting that flawless makeup application look every time beats the test. What some of us don’t know without the right makeup tools our makeup look will be off. Sometimes we are left with streaks, makeup look not properly blended and the coverage is just completely off. There is a fix for this with just one simple tool. Read along to learn more about the BlendSMART Automated Makeup Brush System.

blendSMART Automated makeup brush

BlendSMART Automated Makeup Brush System

The BlendSMART Automated Brush offers a natural looking result that will have you leaving the house with confidence. It has a 360° degrees spin interchangeable brush head. These brush heads come in the form of a universal foundation brush, powder brush head, blush, definer brush head and a full coverage/finishing brush head. All of these fits firmly on the rotating brush.

blendSMART Automated makeup brush

The BlendSMART Set includes:

Rotating Brush Head

  • universal foundation brush head that is soft and of a superior quality
  • cruelty-free
  • anti-bacterial
  • can be used with liquid or powder makeup
  • easily change with BlendSMART brush heads (sold separately)

Automated Handle

  • perfectly calibrated
  • blends in a rotating motion for an airbrush effect

CR123A Lithium Battery

  • long lasting

User guide

  • instructions and rotating brush care

blendSMART Automated makeup brush


If you favor the tech side of doing things then your makeup kit would not be complete without having a BlendSMART Automated Makeup Brush. This beauty gadget is essential as it helps with makeup mistakes, perfect for a touch up during the day and it is portable. With the interchangeable brush heads, you can switch from a foundation brush to a powder brush within a minute.

The BlendSMART Makeup brush is easy to use. Start by simply attaching the specific brush head, install the battery, flip the on/off button and proceed with your makeup application.

It is possible to achieve a flawless full coverage makeup look with the BlendSMART Brush applicator; as the brush moves swiftly in a rotating motion to spread the makeup over the skin in an even manner. 

If you are struggling with your makeup application technique I would highly recommend this automated makeup brush kit from BlendSMART.

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