The Best Hiking Holidays In South America

The classic beach holiday gets a bit boring sometimes. It’s nice to relax and do nothing for a bit but if you’re a more active person; you’ll find yourself going stir crazy a few days into the holiday if you haven’t got anything to keep you occupied. A hiking holiday is a great alternative for anybody that wants to do something a bit more proactive while they’re away. There are great destinations all over the globe but some of the best can be found in South America.

Lost City Trek

The lost city trek in Columbia gets its name because the area wasn’t discovered by western civilization until the 1970’s. It still remains largely untouched by tourists compared to a lot of the other historical cities in South America. The trek is a moderate difficulty one that takes about four or five days to complete depending on how experienced you are. It takes you through some amazing rainforests and across a few streams and rivers; ending up at the entrance to the lost city which you can then explore. Visit for a first hand account of a backpacker on the trail to get an idea of what to expect.

The Inca Trail Hiking, South America

The Inca Trail

The lost city doesn’t get that many tourists, especially when compared with Machu Picchu; the final destination of the world famous Inca trail. The trail will take you along old Inca footpaths through the Andes and the Sacred Valley; all the way to the Sun Gate, the entrance to Machu Picchu. The four day hike is quite challenging for inexperienced hikers but it’s one of the most popular trails in the world. Visit for more information on the historical and cultural background of this world famous trail.

Colca Canyon South America

Colca Canyon

The Colca Canyon trail in Peru is an easier one that’s perfect for people that are new to hiking holidays. It’s a good trail to ease you into it before you try one of the more advanced routes like the Inca trail or the Lost City Trek. The Colca Canyon is the second biggest canyon in the entire world so you can be sure that you’ll see some amazing natural features along the way. The two day hike starts in the valley town of Chivay and takes you right into the heart of the impressive canyon, and out of the other side. While you’re down there; you’ll have the opportunity to take a break in some hot springs before you start your climb up the other side. The second half of the trek is a bit more difficult but if you’re in fairly good health; you should be fine. You can book an extended trip that takes three days if you’re worried about trying to do it in two days.

A good hiking trail can be hard work sometimes but if you’re looking for a more interesting and exciting holiday; head to South America and try out some of these locations.


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