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    Lost Countries: That I’d Love to Visit

    Lost countries are all over the world. The latest record might be found in history books and other geographical texts. I love to travel and explore my surroundings. So far, I have been to over 10 different countries. My goal is to travel at least once a year. Normally, I would take a short vacation but when it’s good I might just extend my time there. Don’t know where to travel for your next vacation or just want to add a country to your bucket list? Search Azure for travel inspirations; you might just end up in a lost country. Some lost countries which I wish to discover includes:

    lost countries

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    The Best Hiking Holidays In South America

    The classic beach holiday gets a bit boring sometimes. It’s nice to relax and do nothing for a bit but if you’re a more active person; you’ll find yourself going stir crazy a few days into the holiday if you haven’t got anything to keep you occupied. A hiking holiday is a great alternative for anybody that wants to do something a bit more proactive while they’re away. There are great destinations all over the globe but some of the best can be found in South America. Read more