Beauty Hacks / Tricks

beauty hacks
A beauty hack is similar to a beauty trick. These beauty hacks can be very useful in any beauty situation. It will help you to save time, money, hassle in the morning or whenever going out and it will definitely make you look your best before you step out of the door.

Follow these Simple Beauty Hacks 

1. If you have hairy legs you can use conditioner as an alternative product for shaving your legs.
2. Do you have those hideous scars that just won’t go away? Use a BB cream to cover scars and cellulite on your body. This will moisturize the area as well as cover up the blemishes.
3. Are your brows just not staying in place? Use lip balm to tame brows and keep them under control.
4. Do you have crusty feet that often times appears white, dry or cracked? Apply Vaseline overnight to feet and cover with socks to avoid dry, crack heels. 
5. Did your favourite lipstick or limited edition lipstick just got broken and you don’t want to throw it out? Use a blow dryer to heat the lipstick and stick it back together, use your fingers to mold it and place in the freezer for it to set.
6. To get matte lips, wanting the lipstick to last a little longer on lips or the lipstick has too much sheen. Place tissue over lips and blot with translucent powder this will remove sheen, making lips look more matte and lipstick will last longer.
7. Prior to applying foundation rub a cube of ice gently over face, this will help to make your face have a natural glow and also helps to minimize pores.
8. To remove eye makeup, apply lotion to tissue and wipe eyelid. Avoid lotion going inside eyes.
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