Beauty Essentials For Your Trip To Hawaii

Finally, the trip to Hawaii is around the corner. You’ve been waiting for months to board the plane and are super excited. The thought of chilling out in the sun, paddling in the sea and going for a hike around a volcano is thrilling. Plus, there is the natural beauty of the state to look forward to as well.

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Speaking of beauty, it’s important to look your best on vacation. There is no one to impress, yet you still want to turn heads. No woman wants to think others are judging her. With that in mind, this post has some Hawaii-specific fashion hacks you might want to consider.

Leave-In Conditioner

Because it’s the Aloha state, there’s going to be plenty of frolicking in the sun and the sea. At the end of a long day on the beach, your hair can look somewhat frayed and that’s putting it politely. Some ladies are the mirror image of Monica from “Friends” when she goes to Barbados. To make sure you don’t rock the Tina Turner style, be sure to pack a leave-in conditioner. That way, the roots will get plenty of nourishment and your hair won’t look like an ever-present straw hat. Put it in every day if you’re going swimming and playing around in the sand.

Nourishing Lipstick

Again, the heat does a lot of damage to the skin. One of the features which get it the worst is the lips. As a rule, they are quite dry anyway because they are forever uncovered. Without any moisture in the air and a constant supply of balm, they will begin to crack. Don’t worry because this Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick will help. Even after you take it off, your lips will feel creamy and moist. What’s excellent about this particular brand is that it’s one of the most popular in the stat. So, you’ll fit right in with the locals.

Reef Sunscreen

What the hell is reef safe sunscreen? Well, it’s lotion which blocks the sun’s rays and maintains the planet’s delicate ecosystem at the same time. Studies show that regular creams contain chemicals which are detrimental to the oceans and wildlife. You might be having a great time snorkeling and scuba diving, but the fish and turtles are not. Of course, nobody wants to nurse a sunburn on vacation, which is why you need protection. Raw Elements has a 30SPF product which will save your skin and the reefs.


Bikinis and short-shorts are all well and good during the day, yet the temperature drops at night. Even in the evening, tourists walk around with their teeth chattering as their bodies try to adjust to the rapid drop off. You don’t have to be one of them with a lightweight kaftan. Just throw it over your swimsuit and instantly cover your skin from the elements. It’s also amazing for anybody looking for protection from the sun. The locals will love you because they hate non-Hawaiians walking around with no clothes on.

How uncouth!


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    Such a great list of beauty hacks for your trip.
    Hawaii is nice temperature wise all year around really, so you won’t be doing too much freezing on those so-called winter nights. Hope you had a great time.
    Cheers Sharon…

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