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Boosting the Appearance of Your Period Property: A Guide

Period homes are always in demand and frequently cost far more to buy than an equivalent modern house. The historical value and intrinsic beauty of older houses appeal to many different kinds of people, and they are certainly aspirational for many. However, they do come with some considerations and responsibilities that modern homeowners don’t have to face. If you live in a period property or are thinking of buying one; it’s essential to be aware of the additional work and expense involved in maintaining the building, and any regulations that are in place that control what you can and can’t do.

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Enhancing your home’s exterior appearance

When you’re planning home improvements, consider using authentic materials on your period home for the most pleasing effect. For example, who would want to see plastic orange drain pipes on a period house? Likewise, a Georgian house with traditional sash windows would look most odd with a set of standard UPVC double glazed units. However, there are options that will improve your home’s appearance without compromising its historical integrity. For example, you can get bespoke wooden sash windows made for your period home by specialist firms such as, with either single or double glazing, that will fit in perfectly with the style of the building. If your house is thatched, an old, tatty roof will spoil the appearance of your home, and you could get water leaking in which will damage the interior. A new thatched roof is a joy to behold, and really sets off the look of a period home. You should also consider whether the brickwork needs repointing, how sound the woodwork is and whether any parts of the house could do with a coat of paint or stain.

Enhancing your home’s interior appearance

Once the outside of your home is looking smart and in good repair, you can turn to the interior. Period homes that have interiors based on color schemes that are complementary to the exterior design bring the whole house together and give it extra style. You can buy paint and wallpapers in period shades and designs, which will add a touch of authenticity to your décor. You could also use period furniture and soft furnishings that reflect the styles of the time when your house was built. Entering an older house that has been lovingly decorated to match the exterior and contains the kinds of finishings and accessories that would have been popular when the house was built makes a tasteful and positive impression on visitors. For the finishing touches, look for light fittings, lamps, and ornaments that are true to the period. If you can, buy some authentic period pieces to complement your design. One or two genuine antiques will look far more effective than a collection of modern knick-knacks.

Owning a period home is a pleasure and a privilege, and with care and attention your old house should look stunning and keep you safe for years to come.


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    Yes, thank you for this amazing idea. I really appreciate it. Am looking to do some home renovation within the next few days.

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  • Yoshiko Flora

    I find it great that you suggested adding bespoke wooden sash windows can help a person improve their period property while preventing it from getting water damage at the same time. In my opinion, if I were to have my house renovated in this manner, I would first hire a local construction management service. With their help, they can keep the project on time while adding more to its property and curb value as well.

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