Achieving Youthful Without The Frozen Look

We all care about aging and how it impacts the way we look, our confidence, and the health of our skin. Premature aging is a real issue and one that deserves to be tackled. But we’ve all seen those who have gone a little too far in their pursuit of younger, healthier looking skin. Here, we’re going to look at how to make sure you take care of your skin without going over that edge.

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Top it up

It should be no surprise that nutrition is key to the health of your skin. There are vitamins and oils that help it maintain that youthful vibrancy. Hydration is just as important. So, look for skin care methods that help your skin directly absorb the nutrients and water that it needs. Using a moisturizer daily is clearly essential, but fruity face packs can do as much for your skin. The antibacterial effects of orange and honey, the high collagen content of mango, and the antioxidant impacts of avocado can all help the skin look a lot more youthful. What’s more, they fight against the production of free radicals, the main cause of aging and wrinkles in the first place read more at

Boost the body’s natural healing process

Cells have the ability to heal and replicate themselves perfectly. At some point, this can break down and, when talking about the skin, this means wrinkles. But you can use other ways to boost the body’s natural healing abilities. Vitamin A is one of the most crucial components in the skin’s repairing process, and Retinol has been recognized as giving a boost of vitamin A directly to the skin. Be wary of skin products containing retinol that is meant for general use. It can end up dehydrating and damaging the skin further. Get a specific retinol cream and never use more than a pea-drop of the stuff. All things in moderation, as the old saying goes.

Get a tailored treatment

The “frozen look” is a fear that’s most commonly reserved for cosmetic procedures. In fact, the fear of that outcome will make some women avoid it entirely. It’s true that when too broad an approach is given to collagen and Botox treatments, it can look very wrong. However, professionals like Alchemy 43 have figured out that the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Instead, many are now offering smaller, bespoke, more specific treatments that apply the right ingredients to only the right parts of the face. These are called micro treatments, and they’re fast becoming the rage for just how effective they can be. Just like any other treatment, you need to be selective with who actually provides it to make sure you’re getting the best results.


It’s about what you put in your body, too

We’ve talked about nutrition and the skin, specifically how you can apply certain ingredients directly to the face in order to absorb their beneficial properties. But to really improve the body’s ability to use antioxidants, repair damaged skin cells, and prevent free radical proliferation, then you have to take a closer look at your diet. The same ingredients we mentioned in the face packs are just as good in your diet. But you have to look at what you shouldn’t eat quite as much of, as well. Salt, saturated fats, and sugars can all contribute to premature aging, as shown at Women’s Health Mag. You need to cut down on the ingredients that are causing your skin to age faster.

Get serious about protecting your skin

Protecting your skin is much more important than you might think. Not just when it’s really sunny out. Overexposure can happen at any moment. What’s more, if you’ve recently had any skin treatments, your skin is going to be much more sensitive, and exposure to the sun can result in serious discomfort, as well as getting in the way of the healing process that’s important for those treatments to take hold. Beyond sun lotion, make sure you’re spending more time in the shade if your skin feels sensitive or you’ve recently had a treatment. Use sunscreen every single day you spend time out in the sun, too, not just at the beach or the pool or in summer.

Consider how you stress it

The skin doesn’t just break down of its own accord. We play a very direct role in how wrinkles present, too. Being mindful of how you’re stressing the skin throughout the day can help you recognize some of your worst habits. If the sun in your eyes is in the issue, wear sunglasses more often so you don’t squint. Be mindful using straws or smoking which can cause wrinkles around the lips. Even how we sleep can cause stress to our skin, so anti-wrinkle pillows can help you worry a little less about that. It can be hard to spot every single potential sign of stressing the skin but think about where you are most prone to wrinkles and what you can do to stop exacerbating them.

Watch out for the bad skin care products

Not everything in the skin care market is exactly good for you. There are some skincare products, in fact, that are worth avoiding. Fragrances are one of the big ones, as cosmetics companies don’t actually have to list what is in it, and often it can contain ingredients that mess up with the hormones in your skin which can lead to inflammation, dryness and much more. Dermstore has a much closer look at the other ingredients you should be more wary of. Don’t just fall for the marketing of a product, take a closer at the label and get educated as to what’s actually in what you’re buying.

Specificity is the key. Using treatments and products that target specific issues is much better than believing that any one treatment is the key to looking and feeling younger. If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is. Do your research on any product you use, any treatment you use, which ingredients are harmful, and which you actually need.

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