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How to achieve a futuristic interior design

When you think of futuristic design what do you think of? The inside of a spaceship? Or lots of metal and monochrome colours? Well, the futuristic look is actually kind of based on the spirit of science fiction books and films. It is ultra-modern and hi-tech, and is a surprisingly popular look all around the world. Think high gloss, geometric shapes and minimalist all combined into one look.

futuristic design

In recent years the futuristic look has become increasingly popular, with people looking to make their interiors extremely stylish and unusual; this is definitely a trend that is continuing to grow.

The futurist look is absolutely about practicality, and the look can be described as being based in the fundamental principles of ergonomics, functionality and conciseness. Each item – be it an electric home appliance or a piece of furniture – has a purpose and is there specifically for that need, as well as fitting the look visually.


Furniture tends to be made from a distinct group of materials – mainly metal, plastic, glass and leather. Soft furnishings do not play a prominent role, although they do appear in moderation. This can be interpreted as quite a masculine look, due to the lack of soft fabrics and textures. Colours also tend to be primary or monochrome – think lots of grey, black, white, silver with pops and splashes or lime, yellow, blue or red.

Plastic or metal chairs tend to work well with this decor, as well as simply shaped black leather sofas. Tables tend to be made of metal, plastic or glass. Shelving is often glass or metal, and the odd metal trolley often makes an appearance. Flooring also tends to be tiled or laminate, and it is all about blinds, not curtains.

futuristic design

Modern Futuristic Interior

A futuristic style home often features a plethora of modern gadgets and cutting edge technology; and multi-functional appliances that save human time and space are key. Built-in gadgets, surround sound, perhaps even an electronic system that centrally controls the whole home, from appliances to lighting and climate, is a must!

A nod needs be given to lighting, as it is a very important part of a futuristic home. Lighting is often built into the walls or ceiling and is definitely LED. Lighting can often be quite quirky or unusual or even make some form of statement.

Futuristic Interior Decor

Futurist homes look great with minimal decorative items. Walls look fantastic with black and white photographs or perhaps abstract prints or paintings. Modern art looks very in-keeping with this type of home.

This look tends to be the most popular in apartments and in kitchens. Kitchens in particular suit this very high tech and sleek glossy look. High shine, touch to open cupboards, with the latest gadgets and strategically place coloured LED strip lights can be extremely futuristic.

Elements of this look an also work well mixed with more cozy touches. Perhaps add in a fabric chair from Sloane & Sons Tub Chairs or a sofa to soften the effect? Or throw in some textured cushions or a fake sheepskin rug? All of these extra touches keep the main elements of a very modern futuristic look but introduce the coziness and warmth that this look can sometimes overlook.

Plants can also help to bring warmth to the look. Various cactuses and succulents take very little looking after and can look fabulously dramatic and otherworldly. A large palm plant can break up the simple lines of the room (if that is what you want) and a citrus tree can add a splash of colour.


The futurist look is extremely popular and absolutely not just for single males and Star Trek fans. Many homes actually take elements of this look without even realizing – such as using pops of colour in an otherwise neutral room; using coloured LED lighting strips under shelves, under your kitchen cupboards or even under your bath; introducing very sleek high gloss TV cabinets and living storage; and inserting plastic or glass dining tables with plastic or metal/leather dining chairs into the home.

Bold, dynamic and often packed full of personality, it does work well in modern homes and flats, and a few simple softening touches can make the look more family friendly in an instant. There is also no reason why you need to stick to just monochrome and primary colours; pinks, purples and turquoise could also feature in your futuristic home. There are no limits really and it is all down to personal style and imagination.


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