6 Bridal Don’ts Every Girl Needs To Be Aware Of

Apart from the birth of your first child (and seeing The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury from the side of the stage!), this is going to be the biggest day of your life. You know this already, though, That’s why you’ve been stressing out for the entire six-month wedding countdown and frantically reading wedding blogs to make sure have got everything in place. It can be overwhelming.

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So instead of trying to make sure you have everything from the infinite list of options ticked off, we recommend you look at it from an entirely different angle and know exactly what bridal don’ts you need to know about. You’ll never be able to get everything you’ve seen on Pinterest crammed into your big day, but you can make sure you put your best foot forward as you walk down the aisle and into your celebrations.

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Avoid Red Wine & Colourful Berries

We know this sounds like utter madness and the worst advice ever because, well, how you meant to avoid red wine and strawberries? But the reason you should try, just for this day, is they are things that stain and discolor your teeth and that’s not what you want to have ruined all of your everlasting wedding photos. You want your pearly whites to be as perfect as your wedding dress and veil. That’s why we recommend you stay away from teeth staining foods on the day and use teeth whitening kits in the month running up to your wedding.  

Don’t Lose Your Bikini-Wax Virginity

Anyone who has ever had a bikini wax will tell you that the first time is horrendous. It is so painful. We’re talking major discomfort, sometimes some swelling and more often than not a load of irritation. None of these tend to be things you want on your wedding day. So, if you want to avoid this but also want to have a bikini wax, then we suggest you go for your first one at least 12 weeks before your big day. This is because it becomes less and less painful each time you get one.

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Never, Ever Skimp On The Photographer

We know that wedding photographers can cost a pretty penny, which is a hard pill to swallow when you are already shelling out thousands on your special day, but please don’t skimp on this part. Your big day is going to fly by quicker than any other day in your life. It is going to be a blur of adrenaline, and all you’ll have to remember the details by are those gorgeous photographs taken by your photographer. If you want to know what a fantastic wedding snapper’s photos should look like, then the Vittore Buzzi portfolio is perfect. That’s what you want to be aiming for. You don’t want your husband to be’s second best friend doing it just because he has a snazzy camera and only wants $10 for payment. It isn’t worth it.

Don’t Tan

Where do we start with this advice? Not only is an excessive amount of tanning going to increase your chances of skin damage, but you’ll also end up looking unnaturally bronzed in your wedding photos. The more natural you can look the better, trust us. In years you’ll look back at your wedding photos and wish you’d listened to our advice. The worst thing you can do, though, is getting a spray tan. Remember that episode of Friends where Ross get’s a four twice (“I’m an eight!”), that’s what you want to avoid. The Orange skin in a white dress isn’t a great look and it isn’t an easy fix, especially if it starts to run.

No New Primping Two Days Before The Wedding

It may seem like a great idea to leave all of your beauty treatments until the last minute so that they are fresh for your big day, but we recommend you leave at least a week or so between your primping and your aisle walk. This means things like getting your eyebrows waxed, getting a facial, cutting your hair and, yup, coloring your hair too. The reason for this is, well, accidents do happen and you’ll want to leave yourself enough time to remedy these accidents.

Overload On Water

Okay, maybe overload is the wrong word, but certainly double up your water intake for the month before your wedding day, even longer if you can. The reason you should do this because it is the easiest and most effective way to get clear as clear skin and have it glow just the way you always imagined it would. Always remember to drink water. There is going to be a lot of toasts made in the run-up to your day, especially at the rehearsal dinner, so just remember to drink as much water as possible during these events. Alternate between booze and H2O if you have to. It’ll do wonders we promise.

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