30 Questions to Help You Choose Your Wedding Vehicle

Your wedding vehicle is super important because it’s the first thing your friends and family are going to see before you make your grand entrance.  It can be quite a confusing and often overlooked part of the wedding plan so we’ve gathered 30 questions you might have about choosing your wedding vehicle.

Whether you are thinking about wedding helicopter travel – yep you heard us right – you could have a helicopter whisk you off to your honeymoon destination.

Or, you are considering a more traditional vintage car, these questions will help you consider more possibilities and choose the right wedding vehicle for you.

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1.  What kind of transportation can be coordinated at your wedding venue?

This is a critically important question that can easily be answered by your wedding coordinator, or alternatively, the owner of your wedding venue.

2. Is wedding transportation dependable?

You will be able to read reviews from past customers to help appraise their level of satisfaction and find out if the wedding transportation company you’ve chosen is a dependable one.

3. How much should you spend on wedding transportation?

The budget that you set for your wedding should make it clear what you can afford to spend on a wedding vehicle.

4. How soon do you need to make a reservation to secure a wedding vehicle?

Ideally, you should rent your wedding transportation soon after you secure a venue and have a wedding date.

5. How many guests can ride along in a wedding vehicle?

You can find out how many seats are available when you go to rent from your chosen wedding transportation provider.

6. Do you have to pay for wedding transportation while your ceremony is taking place?

If you were picked up and transported to your wedding vehicle and you want to be transported to your next destination after the ceremony has concluded then yes, you will have to pay for downtime.

7. Are any refreshments served by wedding vehicle services?

Many transportation companies allow occupants to help themselves to water, soft drinks and snacks during the ride.

8. Should guests make their own transportation arrangements?

It is up to the bride and groom to plan and organize all elements of their wedding ceremony, including whether transportation is provided or if guests need to make their own arrangements.

9. What happens if the date of the wedding is changed?

Contact your wedding transportation company as soon as you can to see if a vehicle will be available on the date.

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10. Can you put decorations on your wedding vehicle?

It all depends on the company as well as the type of wedding vehicle that you will be choosing.

11. What happens if you want to make a pitstop?

Most of the time, wedding drivers are given a set itinerary that they must follow closely, but sometimes quick detours are allowed.

12. How can you get the most out of your wedding transportation?

Choose a wedding vehicle that matches your personality, goes with your wedding theme and will make your nuptials exceptionally memorable.

13. Can you rent more than one wedding vehicle?

Yes, more than one wedding vehicle can be used to transport guests, the bride, groom, and family of the couple both to and from the venue.

14. How do you reserve a wedding vehicle?

Generally, you can make reservations for a wedding vehicle online, over the phone or in person as soon as you have enough to pay for the deposit.

15. What if there are unforeseen delays before the wedding that make the bride or groom late getting to their wedding vehicle?

As long as you stay in contact with your wedding transportation provider; there should be no problem making adjustments to the schedule to ensure that you are able to get to the wedding venue.

16. How can you find out about the background of your wedding vehicle driver?

Wedding vehicle providers take great pride in vetting all of their drivers, so feel free to ask about any safety concerns you have at the time of booking.

17. What kind of wedding transportation options do you have when planning a destination wedding?

It all depends on where your wedding will be held; as an island, mountain, and dockside wedding are all becoming quite popular.

18. Can you cancel a wedding transportation reservation after it had been made?

Most wedding vehicle companies would much rather try to accommodate your request with a different form of transportation or by changing the date, but sometimes partial refunds are given.

19. What if you want to extend your wedding transportation reservation?

If there are no other weddings booked after yours and the driver is available, you can call your wedding vehicle provider and have your reservation extended easily.

20. What happens if you want to transportation additional guests after wedding transportation arrangements have been made?

An additional vehicle can be reserved, or you can switch to a wedding vehicle that has more space to accommodate additional guests.

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21. Will champagne be served?

An alcoholic beverage is not always allowed in wedding vehicles, and it is not an inclusive service so it is best that you ask about champagne being provided in advance.

22. Will the weather have an impact on the type of wedding transportation reserved?

The weather can have an impact on your wedding vehicle’s ability to navigate safely to and from the venue.

23. Are you supposed to tip your wedding transportation provider?

Tips are appreciated even if not always expected, but it is good manners to tip a service provider if everything was to your satisfaction.

24. What kind of amenities can I expect to be included?

Different transportation services for weddings may have various amenities included, which will be described to you at the time you make a reservation.

25. What payment methods can be used to secure a wedding vehicle?

The majority of wedding transportation companies prefer credit card payments, but some also accept cash and checks.

26. Should you use a wedding coordinator to secure your wedding day transportation?

A lot of wedding coordinators not only have personal contacts at wedding vehicle companies, but they may also be able to help you get a discount.

27. What is the average rental price of a wedding vehicle?

There is no average price for wedding transportation services as the date, distance and even type of vehicle can have a huge impact on the total price.

28. How close to the wedding can you book wedding transportation?

It is encouraged that you make a reservation as soon as you can, but wedding transportation companies are very accommodating and can make last minute bookings whenever possible.

29. Can you take your luggage with you in a wedding vehicle if you are going directly to your honeymoon destination?

If there is space for your luggage and your wedding transportation company says that it’s alright; then luggage will be allowed in a separate compartment.

30. Will there be additional charges?

There can be additional charges at the end of a reservation if there are any spills or other mishaps.

For a wedding that is fun and unique, choose a form of transportation that no one else would think of. Wedding helicopters complement destination weddings quite well; where the venue is in a remote location that can otherwise be hard to get to. You can also fly into a more traditional venue as long as there is room for the helicopter to land.

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