Wooing Your Date With A Night On The Town

Dating is notoriously difficult, no matter how well-intentioned you are. However, sometimes you meet that person who feels like you’ve known them forever. If this hasn’t happened to you yet, don’t worry, it will. Wooing your date with a night on the town might be in order; if you’re hoping to make that next move, or to simply enjoy a wonderful time with the person in question.

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However, if you’re hoping to impress your date, here’s how you do it:


Culture is always something that heightens the romantic mood. There are many different forms of expression and culture, but often something that works for you is the most important. If you’re truly hoping to dazzle your date, however, consider stepping things up a notch. This might mean taking them to a truly upscale and upmarket restaurant, perhaps even those that boast a Michelin star. Even if you’re simply more of a down to earth and street food kind of person; exploring this with someone can be a novel adventure for the both of you. After all, who said you have to fit into the restaurant atmosphere to see what that style of food is all about?

The same could be said for your entertainment. Instead of simply heading to a movie (bad date idea!) consider something more visceral and engaging such as a comedy club or finding a method to save on Broadway tickets. The effort you go to in acquiring access to this event shows that you’ve put some real, tangible thought into this affair, and it’s likely to come across very well to the other person. Even if these environments are somewhat out of your comfort zones; the ability to experience new things with the person you’re so enamored with can be trained and tested here. Who knows, you might even really enjoy yourself!


If you’re in your local environment, it can often pay to show your date around areas that mean something to you. Show them where you used to play football, where you used to practice in your band, and the first time you managed to play on stage. Heading around the confines of your local environment in the evening; can be a deeply personal adventure for the both of you. It also not only allows you to walk down memory lane but to symbolically introduce the person you’re interested in the small circumstances that made your life yours.

Then, allow them to do the same for you. The more effort you place towards ensuring that both of your histories are respected; the better you can understand one another and progress from there. It might be instructive to head to restaurants you have always frequented, or even enjoy the offerings of new services and business that have since taken their place. Everyone wants to understand the history of the person they are interested in; and giving your date the platform to do that can be a unique, adventurous experience that you needn’t pay over the odds for being memorable.

With this in mind, you can be sure that your date night goes well and without a hitch.

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