How Much Does A Wedding Venue Really Matter?

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When you’re getting married, you probably already know that there’s going to be a lot for you to think about. It’s one of the most momentous occasions in your life. So knowing that you’re going to have to make so many different decisions and keep many considerations in mind. And it’s safe to say that there’s always going to be things that matter to you more than others. Most of the time, these preferences are going to be very individual. Because not everyone will have the same wants and desires when it comes to their wedding day. And that’s completely normal. However, one thing that you really do need to decide in the beginning, is where you want to get married.

To some people, this won’t matter. But it really is the first decision that you need to make. Because your wedding date will often depend on the venue. However, this doesn’t mean that it has to be the most expensive or most important part of your wedding. Whether it is important to you or not, there are some key things to think about when you are choosing the right venue. So let’s take a look at some of the key considerations you should make, and this can help you to find somewhere suitable for you.

The Location (Wedding Venue)

One of the first things that you might like to think about, is the location of the ideal venue. Do you ideally want to get married close to home or in a certain area? When this is the case, you really do have to give the venue some priority. Because you’re likely to find that there won’t always be a lot of options for you in the area that you’re looking for. Here, you may need to be flexible on price is location matters the most.

The Style

One thing that you will find really makes the venue matter, is when you’re hoping for a set style of wedding. If you know that you want to go for a specific look, or you want a set theme, the venue to choose really does matter. It can either make or break the theme. So this may mean that you need to scour a range of areas to find something that will be really on the theme for you.

The Cost

And then we have the cost! And this can be something that really pulls weight for a lot of couples. When you’re looking at affordable wedding venues, you may find that the price is all that matters. So you will need to be flexible on the location or what it looks like. But this should often be fine because you may be able to plan the rest of the details around the venue that you ultimately choose.

The Country

But then, maybe what really matters is the country that you’re getting married in? Sometimes, location doesn’t matter to you in terms of proximity to where you live. But you know that you want a destination wedding instead. And when this is the case, maybe the actual wedding venue doesn’t matter so much, but it’s more about choosing the right country or the area of that country.

The Capacity

Something that will really make the venue matter, is the size of your guest list. Say you want a small wedding of 50 people, or you want to do something huge with 200 people – then you need to make sure that the venue can provide what you need. You won’t want a huge venue that looks empty or a venue that won’t allow in the number of guests that you want.

The Traditionalism

This ties in a little with the theme, but the venue may or may not matter depending on how tradition you’re trying to be. Maybe you aren’t overly bothered by the venue and you want to get married outside? Or maybe you want to get married in a restaurant? When this is the case, then maybe the specific choice of venue doesn’t matter much at all.

The Extras

And finally, you’re then going to want to think about everything else that comes with your venue. Sometimes, choosing a set place often means that you’ve chosen everything else from your food to your decor at the same time. So when you are considering venues, it’s important to ask questions and see what kind of extras come with the venue. Or, what you’re limited to. Because the cost often involves the things that the venue can provide, so you need to be really happy with what you’re offered.


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  • Erika Ann

    Wow these are right on the money. We’re planning our wedding for next year and just choosing the venue is really hard. We’ve always wanted a traditional wedding venue but a modern reception. Thanks for this!

    August 16, 2018 at 3:53 am Reply
  • Ridley Fitzgerald

    It’s great to know more about choosing a wedding venue. I like how you said that the style of the venue needs to fit the style of the wedding. My fiance has a very specific view of the style for our wedding, so I’m sure she’ll put some thought into that.

    November 5, 2018 at 10:38 pm Reply
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