Wedding Checklists: Getting It Right As A Guest

Most wedding checklists are geared towards couples who are planning their big day. Undoubtedly, the focus is on the bride and groom, but there’s a lot to think about for wedding guests too. If you’re preparing to attend a wedding in the coming weeks or months, here’s an essential to-do list to make sure you get it right.

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Weddings are wonderful occasions, but it can be stressful trying to plan an outfit. You don’t want to turn up wearing the same dress as another guest, you don’t want to be the person who hasn’t noticed the info about the dress code on the invitation, and you don’t want to be struggling with your shoes by 3 p.m. The key to nailing wedding guest chic is choosing something that makes you feel both confident and comfortable.

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Wedding checklists as a Guest

Choosing your outfit

Before you start shopping, have a good read of the invitation and any additional information that the couple has provided about the event. Some people specify a dress code, and this can be helpful when it comes to buying a new outfit. If there is a dress code, stick to it. If there’s isn’t any information, look for clues from the type of venue and the theme.

Bear the weather in mind when you’re shopping. If you’re going to an outdoor wedding in the summer, opt for light fabrics and avoid anything that’s too clingy. If you’re attending a winter wedding wrap up warm. You can still wear a show-stopping dress or skirt, but make sure you have a coat or a shawl with you.

Many guests choose to wear dresses, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, but don’t rule out other options. If you’re going to a less formal gathering, you could consider wearing a skirt, tailored trousers or a jumpsuit. If you’re sticking with dresses, look for unique prints, quirky shapes, and styles with a difference like those on this page

If you’re not sure where to start with shopping, check out sites like for inspiration and have a look at outfits people have worn for weddings or the races online. Use accessories to make your outfit unique. If you’ve got a plain dress, you can jazz it up using a hat, a bag, eye-catching shoes, and jewelry. If you’ve got a patterned or printed dress, it’s best to opt for subtle touches. Nude stilettos are a staple, as they go with everything, and you can wear them time and time again.

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Buying a gift

Many couples ask for donations towards a honeymoon, but if your friends haven’t asked for contributions, finding the perfect gift is the next job. If there isn’t a gift list, use your imagination and your knowledge of the couple. What do they like doing? What kind of style do they have? You could buy something for the home or go for a day out, a weekend away or a gift with a difference like a personalized hamper or some customized barware. Planning a wedding can be time-consuming, and it’s always disappointing when you’ve had the big day, and you’re getting back to real life again. To cheer the couple up, you could treat them to some restaurant vouchers, book a night at a spa or make a book of date coupons. You could include small cash donations towards meals out, picnics, movie nights or a trip to the theatre, for example. Put some thought into it, and channel the couple’s interests and hobbies.

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Sorting the logistics

You’ve got the outfit, you’ve bought the gift, and now it’s time to sort the logistics. It’s a good idea to book travel and hotels in advance, especially if the wedding is abroad. If you are traveling overseas, use the Internet to find cheap flights and compare prices on accommodation. If you’re closer to home, consider your options. You could share lifts with friends or book a cottage, villa or farmhouse if there is a group of you. This may work out cheaper than reserving several hotel rooms. Make sure you have taxis booked to get you to and from the ceremony if transport is not provided.

Are you going to a wedding in the next few weeks or months? If so, now is the time to get yourself sorted and make sure you’re ready for the big day. Look around for outfit inspiration, try some different styles for size and don’t be afraid to go for something unique. If there’s no gift list, think about what your friends or family members would like, be thoughtful and use your creativity and imagination. Make sure you know how you’re getting there and where you’re staying well in advance.


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