Vicks CoolMist Humidifier Review

Vicks CoolMist Humidifier Review

Humidifiers are used to help relieve a cough and congestion and it will eventually soothe and boost your respiratory system leading to better breathing and a more comfortable sleep. The Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier will also help to hydrate the skin, leaving it supple with a healthy and glowing appearance.

The Vicks Cool Mist humidifier helps to maintain a humidity level of between 40-60%, which enables easier breathing and reduces the survival of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air. 

Other than soothing and moisturizing the throat and nasal passages which makes breathing easier and keeping you hydrated, the Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier helps to reduce heating cost as it helps to keep the room cool.

The Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier is easy to clean, has variable humidity control for customized output, operates quietly, automatic shut off when the water level is low/empty, and a soft glow nightlight.
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Additional benefits of using the Vicks Cool Mist humidifier to increase indoor humidity levels include:

Personal comfort:

  • help temporarily relieve a cough and congestion
  • help keep throat and nasal passages hydrated
  • help you breathe better and sleep more comfortably
  • help temporarily relieve dry nose, flaky skin, chapped lips and general dry air discomforts

Home comfort:

  • help reduce static shocks
  • help prevent dry out damage to plants, furniture and paintings

Use with Vicks Vapopad for a soothing menthol scent.

Disclosure: I received the Vicks Cool Mist complimentary of Influenster for review and testing purposes.


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