Ultimate Guide to Proposing Like a Celeb

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A proposal is definitely one time in your life that you shouldn’t be afraid to go all out. A unique and memorable event; you’re not just making the ultimate romantic gesture to your partner, but creating a story that will be passed down the generations of your family. So who better to look to for a little proposal inspiration than the stars? Here’s how to add a little celebrity magic into your proposal:

Time it around a holiday

Christmas is the favourite time for celebrities to get engaged, and what could be nicer than enhancing your festive celebrations with an extra special gift under the tree? It’s the perfect time to celebrate; plus friends and family from far away are more likely to be back in town to share the joy. There’s something deeply romantic about cold nights, a roaring fire, and a little bit of mistletoe.

Choose the perfect ring

The centerpiece of the proposal is definitely the ring; so choose carefully to make sure you get a stunner that will make your other half well up with tears for all the right reasons. There are so many factors to navigate- cut, clarity, carat and more that it can be hard to know where to start. The guide at 77 Diamonds is a great starting point to sort your emerald from your Asscher cut. Emerald cut is currently the hot trend in celebrity engagement rings, but make sure the choice suits your intended’s personal taste.

Make an Instagram moment

Celebs would be nothing without their adoring fans, so they make sure their engagement announcements are something special. Make sure you get that perfectly lit ring shot against a great background if you want to do it like Kim Kardashian did – and make sure you’ve paid yourself a little beauty attention and gotten those nails done! Or keep it classic like Game of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie; who announced their recent betrothal to the world in The Times newspaper.

Set A Good Budget

Knowing quite how much to spend on an engagement ring is a big deal. The old rule used to be three month’s salary but in the modern world, anything goes. Seek out great deals from a diamond specialist– there are great rings available at different price points, even if you don’t have the £489,000 that the average celeb spent!

Location Location

Think carefully about the best place to pop the question. Where is best will depend on the one you’re proposing too – if they are a shy; private type they are unlikely to appreciate a public proposal in a restaurant. Similarly, your partner may be the kind who loves grand gestures, like being taken to Paris, the city of love. France is a top celebrity destination for a proposal as well, so you’ll be in great company!

However you decide to do it, a proposal is an unforgettable moment no matter what the setting is like. You and your loved one are beginning the rest of your lives together!

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