Too Young To Enter The Casino

When vacationing in Canada became an embarrassment. I was prevented from entering Fallsview Casino Resort located in Niagara Falls in Canada because I look way young for my age. With my armband on and copies of my two identification scanned and checked. I still looked way too young to enter. The security would just not let me in. This was quite an embarrassment as I sat outside refusing to go back inside after being turned away. My brother and friend were allowed to enter but I was denied entry. I was not under 21 but yet the security refused to let me in. My day was going extremely great before I was refused to re-enter the casino.


The Gamer

I am not good at playing games but my brother is a gamer. He was playing various games like poker, blackjack and more. There are a lot of tips, games to be play and information online at internet blackjack reviews read on for more detail information and to strengthen your expertise. I am still learning how to play games and I’m happy that I get the opportunity to try my skills at these games online.

Still Too Young To Enter A Casino

The casinos are very strict but looking at both my passport and national identification it should have been enough proof that I am well over the age of 21 to enter a casino. After sitting outside for awhile I decided to give it another shot since everyone that I came with was inside. By approaching another security I was able to reenter. However, I haven’t stepped foot back in Fallsview Casino Resort after that day.

What are some ways do you prevent from being denied entry into a casino? What are the procedures at the casinos near you? Do you show identification each time when buying a drink or entering? Have you ever been carded?


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