4 Tips for Keeping Your Feet Comfortable in Boots


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Boots come in a variety of models with different heels, toe areas, type of leather, and color. Different boots work for different occasions, and your choice can be based on what you do with color and form. Some are dressy, and others are casual. With a pair of boots, you can go from the ranch to the city, wear them on a family trip, or use them for a night out. Wearing boots can be a part of a lifestyle you create, and you can dress the part with attitude.

Try Them Before You Buy Them

First, you need to try on the boots at the place where you’re purchasing them. When buying boots, aim to buy a size that is half a unit smaller. If you wear a size 7 1/2, then buy a 7. The Justin Boot Company recommends feeling for the middle of your foot. The boot should be firm but not curve the toe area. The boots you choose should allow you to flex your foot in them.

Women’s boots come in different widths, from A to C. You can check out styles of┬áJustin Boots when you browse the offerings available through Russell’s Western Wear.

Look for Boots With Rounded or Square Toe Boxes

Brady Rhodes, DPM, a specialist in foot and ankle surgery and faculty member in the Podiatry Residency at JPS in Fort Worth, Texas, has observed that wearing boots can reduce stress on the Achilles tendon. Rhodes mentions that boots that place a metal shank from end to end increases support and recommends rounded or square toe boxes on boots because they prevent foot compression and clasping.

Think Carefully About Boot Materials and Bunions

Rhodes also adds that exotic leather boots, those made from reptiles or ostrich, are softer and more elastic for those with bunions. The Justin Boot Company has also thought about comfort. The company developed a patented set of mid-soles attached to a removable orthotic insert which can help soothe your stride.

Be Sure to Break in Your Boots

Boots are supposed to be contoured to your feet, an action which is done over time. But buyers may not want to wait that long. As the magazine One Country recommends, the three most popular methods for breaking in boots are using a boot-stretch spray, placing shoe trees inside the boots, or using steam to relax the leather. The experts from the Justin Boot Company suggest using leather conditioner and note that the first eight times you wear a pair of boots should be limited to no more than three hours of having them on your feet.

Boots are always in style. Knowing how to choose a pair of boots is important so that you can prevent issues such as backaches, sore muscles in your legs, and problems with your feet. Use the tips above when shopping for a new pair of boots. After all, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort to make a statement and look good in a pair of boots.


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