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Tips To Choose the Mother of the Bride Dress

The mother of the brides was expected to wear a matronly wedding dress in the earlier times. They used to wear washed out shades or very light colors that were thought to be perfect for their age. But that happened in the distant past. Now, people have become more liberal and thankfully there are not many restrictions on choosing the dresses and many fashionable clothes that are available in retail shops and online stores are really overwhelming. Thus, when you go out to choose the dresses for the mother of the bride you can follow the underlying tips.

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1. Ask the Bride to Guide You

You can choose the mother’s dress according to the color hues that the bride has chosen for her wedding dress. The dress should be also at par with the formality of the function. The mother is one of the stars of the wedding. So, mothers can ask their daughters to give them some hints that would help them choose the dress they intend to wear at the wedding. As the brides would have an idea of current fashion trends they would be able to give the best opinion.

2. Start Searching Early 

The bride will most probably have an idea of the dress she plans for her wedding in terms of the design and color and maybe even the designer. Since it is a family function, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom may want to choose a similar theme. It would be very rare that you would fall in love with a dress at the first store when you go shopping for the mother of the bride’s dress. You will most probably visit many stores, online and retail before you settle down on a piece. Begin the search for the dress for mother of the bride at least 3 months in advance.

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3. Preparing for the Wedding Party

The mother should match her dress according to the colors of the party. It is best that the mother should wait till the daughter chooses the bridesmaid’s dresses. Going by the good and soothing hues is advisable. Try to match them with the dresses of the bridesmaid. One color that the mother should avoid wearing is the same color that the bride or her daughter is wearing. This is because the bride is the main attraction of the party and she deserves the best look than others.

4. Take Influence from the Venue

The mother of the bride needs to follow a uniform. A cocktail jacket is generally understated. Anything that goes appropriately for the event is a good one. Of course, the mother is not asked nor expected to wear a strapless dress. If it is a beach wedding then that can be a good choice even though it is not a brilliant one. The mother can add a jacket to the dress of a matching color or a wrap would also be lovely. Also while choosing the mother of the bride dress one should keep in mind the culture and tradition. The weather condition is also a determining factor in that aspect.

Well, all the above-mentioned points will help you to choose the right dress for the mother of the bride. Some mothers do overlook this day and tend to go simple. That is not bad, but again it is a special day and her appearance also matters a lot. Having the mother of the bride make a couple of visits to the beauty parlor is sure to make her glow on that special day By doing so, the mother of the bride is going to relish the important moments of her daughter’s life.

mother of the bride dress, wedding dress, bridal dress

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