Find All the Best Places to Hike Near You with the Best Walking & Camping Apps

Hiking is a great way to explore your local area while getting in a little bit of fitness and quenching your desire to explore. As hike-lovers, we made it our mission to see if there were any apps that could make it easier to not only locate hiking paths (because even Google can do that these days, right?), but also make the act of hiking more entertaining; no matter where the user happens to be.

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Best 10 Hiking Apps

It was during our research that we discovered a website with the best 10 hiking & camping apps (also good for people who like walking). We used this list as a starting-off point and, with additional research, narrowed down the wide scope of hiking and walking apps to the best three on the market.

NorCamp – Rating: 4.6, Downloads: 50K

NorCamp is unique because it offers hiking and walking trail options that are both well-known locations as well as those that are smaller, more hidden sites. It’s easy to plan the perfect trip whether you’re making plans while you’re still at home or after you hit the road. The app also provides contact information, photos, and reviews from other hikers.

We’ll be honest with you, this app is best for more experienced hikers who prefer roughing it in nature with a tent. If you prefer something a little less hands-on with nature, this may not be your preferred app.

Pros: Well-known and lesser-known hiking trails and sites can be found

Cons: Best for active campers

Overall: As long as you don’t mind roughing it, you’ll love all of the hidden gems you’ll find with NorCamp

Ultimate Public Campgrounds – Rating: 4.7, Downloads: 5K

In need of some new campgrounds to check out? Ultimate Public Campgrounds is not just for hiking and walking. This locator has more than enough options to keep you busy all throughout the warm weather months. There are more than 30,000 camps you can search and explore, and you can tailor the search filters to anything you want, from “campgrounds near me” to “RV parks near me.” There’s even a map feature to help guide you to the perfect site.

Campers and avid hikers should be aware that there is a small service fee to use the app. However, the payment is small and then you can use the app to your heart’s content. You’ll just have to determine if the small cost is worth it to you or not.

Pros: There are thousands of campgrounds and trails to search, a map feature keeps you from being lost

Cons: There is a fee to use the app

Overall: As long as you don’t mind paying a small amount of money, you’ll love exploring  campgrounds both near and far

Archies Camping Guide – Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 10K

Head into the mountains, forests, or pitch your tent in a local campground with Archies Camping Guide – it’s super easy. This is one of the most complete campsite finders in all of Europe. Not only that, you have the option to choose the type of camping and hiking environment you prefer: small campsites, naturist campsites or convenient sites that are close to the highway. Simply locate the campsite you want to use and a map will guide you there.

Something to keep in mind is that this app relies solely on feedback from users, which means you may occasionally run into outdated information. While this doesn’t happen very frequently, it is something to be aware of all the same.

Pros: Easy to use, one-tap navigation to direct you to the perfect campground, ability to choose the type of campground you would prefer
Cons: Only for campgrounds in Europe, reliant on user-feedback so some site information may be outdated

Overall: As long as you don’t mind doing a little extra research, you’ll love how easy it is to discover new and interesting camping and hiking locations


We’re confident you will find this hiking and camping apps helpful in your effort to find new, exciting places to explore. Locate hike paths in your area and explore everything from campsites to trail reviews so you can find the perfect environment to perform your favorite hobbies.


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