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    Traditional Makeup vs. Airbrush Makeup – Is There a Difference?

    Makeup is used to embellish our natural beauty just as much as it is used to cover up our flaws. Many people search for the “perfect” makeup brand or tool that will give them a flawless canvas, but the truth is all types of makeup have positive and negative attributes. Sometimes it is simply a matter of preference. Still, it does not stop people from comparing brands. For example, one common question many people seem to ask is if airbrush makeup is better than traditional makeup and vice versa.

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    7 of the Best Jobs in the Beauty Industry

    Some of the best jobs in the beauty industry are careers that most of us never think about. For example, have you considered how your favorite moisturizer came to smell so good? What about the person who arranged the lipstick lineup in your favorite magazine spread?

    Since the industry has so much scope, one career in beauty can be quite unlike another. That’s good news for anyone who wants to head deep into the world of glitter eyeshadow and brow shaping. With much research and a little luck, you’ll be able to find the beauty career that speaks to both your interests and your qualifications. Discover some of the hottest jobs in the industry now.

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    How to Apply Mink Eyelashes and Review

    A makeup look is never complete until you apply falsies (mink lashes). If you want a bigger pop to make your makeup look and eye features to seem enhance consider applying mink eyelashes. While some will preferably go for the no makeup, makeup look. There are others that cannot live without the big pop and enhance ‘makeup look’ of wearing false eyelashes. Falsies are ideal for a person who does not have nice long lashes and they are excellent for improvisation.

    Adding falsies to the natural eyelashes can be quiet a trouble until you have learned to master the technique of applying lashes. Follow these easy steps to get the hang of applying falsies.

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    Guide To Achieving A Flawless Makeup Look

    Do you love makeup but aren’t sure if you’re doing it right? Don’t worry, follow this makeup routine, and you’ll be a pro achieving a flawless makeup look within no time.

    Knowing your skin type
    Before you go ahead and start buying a bunch of products, you will need to know what you’re buying them for.

    We all have different skin types, and it’s so important you figure out what yours is first. If you have oily skin, you’re not going to want to use something that’s meant for dry skin, as this may make you even more oily, and vice versa. 


    Now it’s time to prep the skin for makeup.  First, you will want to make sure your face is clean, then you can moisturize it. It is so important to have a good moisturizer because this will affect how your skin will stay throughout the day. There are many skin care products out there so do your research first. 

    Then you can prime your skin, which will make the foundation look better and last a lot longer.

    Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, so you’re going to want to make them beautiful; which doesn’t mean cover them up in eyeshadow (unless that’s the look you’re going for!)

    Learn about your eye shape, as they will help when it comes to choosing the right colours and techniques. For example, if you have a hooded eyelid, you can create a new crease with a darker shadow, resulting in a wider looking eye.

    Don’t forget to add mascara to finish off the look.

    Make sure you find the right shade before you buy a foundation. Having said that, sometimes you may just get unlucky and will not be able to find your perfect shade. If this does happen, you will need to mix two different colours. It is annoying, but at least you’ll be able to walk around with your face the same color as the rest of your body! 


    Contouring is the craze that took over the world. The techniques really are a form of sorcery. Whether you want to make your nose look smaller, or you want killer cheekbones, it can all be achieved with these steps. 

    Choose a cool brown shade slightly darker than your skin tone and draw where you want to create a shadow. So under your cheekbones, down the sides of your nose and around your forehead. By doing this, the illusion of the ‘shadow’ will make the area look smaller. Just make sure you blend everything properly otherwise it won’t look natural. You can also add a little under your bottom lip which will make it look fuller.

    To finish the look off, you will want to highlight certain areas on your face. This goes hand in hand with the contouring you have just done. You will want to go down the center of your nose, the tops of your cheekbones and even on your cupids bow. This will just make everything stand out as a pose to looking flat, as well as sparkle when the light hits your face.

    Guide to Achieving a Flawless Makeup Look
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    5 Harmful Makeup Ingredients To Avoid

    We often don’t think twice when picking out makeup and skincare products off the shelves. We automatically assume that most products have passed safety regulations before they can be sold to the public. However, this is simply not true.  According to the FDA, there are no laws that require makeup companies to obtain FDA approval before selling their products. This puts the responsibility on the consumer to figure out what is in their makeup or skin care products. Here is a list of 5 harmful makeup ingredients that you should look out for:
    harmful makeup ingredients