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    Tips to Improve Car Safety and Maintenance

    On our busiest days, we are lucky if we get to complete our makeup look from inside the house. Time might be catching up to us, so we contemplate on bringing along the makeup essential items and apply it to our face while on the go. This might not be the safest, but it helps our look to be complete before we reach our destination.

    By keeping our makeup look in check we often use the rear-view mirror or visor mirror as our vanity mirror to apply our mascara, lipstick or powder to our face. The most common times when makeup is being applied while in a car includes:

    • Driving a car during daily commute whether from work, school, a function etc.
    • At traffic lights or in a traffic jam

    Even though I would not recommend applying makeup while driving here are some car safety and maintenance tips that I would like to share with you.

    applying makeup rear view mirror car safety car maintenance

    Photo by Lucas Allmann from Pexels

    Car Safety

    If applying makeup during a traffic light or traffic jam stop, ensure that your tires are in order and you have good brakes to prevent accidents from happening.

    Applying makeup during driving can cause a distraction so you might want to pull over to the side of the road and apply your makeup.


    Always ensure that your car is properly maintained as this plays an important role in the defensive driving plan. The safety devices such as brakes work to protect your safety behind the wheels.

    Keep your vehicle fully operated by implementing these maintenances:

    • Oil changes
    • Check fluid levels
    • Brake pads
    • Look for weak tire tread and low pressure
    • Regular tune-ups
    • Lights, signals and wipers

    Ensure that your car is in an excellent operating condition by following the maintenance check outlined. Regular tune-ups are necessary as it shows the car is in a working condition to be on the road. Try implementing oil changes for every 3000 miles. Check and maintain coolant, brake fluid and power steering fluid; ensure that they are at the right level.

    Tires are often not inflated properly and only becomes noticeable when out of range. Before you challenge the road for a long distance check your tires for wear and tear. Make sure they are properly inflated and the threading is not falling apart. At TyrePlus you can find cheap new car tires for any car type. If you consider a tire change check online at TyrePlus and they will be of service to your vehicle whether for fitting or wheel alignment.

    Lights, signals and wipers should be inspected daily. Windshield washer tank should be kept full and if possible keep a bottle filled with liquid in the trunk while on the go.


    Before you think to stop and apply makeup while on the go; think about your car safety and maintenance. As this can help to save your life as much as someone else.

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