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    Learn To Love The Girl In The Mirror

    We live in an era where judging our self-image has become a big problem. The rise of smartphones and social media have made sure of this because, from the very moment we wake up, we start comparing ours behind the scenes footage to other people’s highlight reels.

    We see celebrities on Instagram looking flawless thanks to Photoshop and filters, both of which real-life doesn’t have. When we look in the mirror we see ourselves for who we are, without any retouching or idyllic light or anything like that.

    love mirror girlImage Source: Pexels

    The reason this is so harmful is that, well, you can’t live the life you want to live if you have a negative self-image. But starting to love the person you see in the mirror is easier said than done, which is why we have come up with a list of ways you can start loving yourself a bit more and start rebuilding that positive self-image you deserve to have.

    girl love wearing shades
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    Be Who you Were Before Your Shine Was Dimmed

    Life has a way of dimming our shine the longer we live, which is something none of us was warned about. That’s why it is so important you make a promise to yourself right now that you’ll learn from your mistakes and experiences and let everything else go. Forget it. Move on. It is done with. Seriously, no good can come on dwelling on the things that got you here, it will only feed your negative thought process. Mistakes simply help us realize we were brave enough to try something new, to step outside your comfort zone and go for it. That’s amazing. Remember that.

    Look Fabulous, Feel Fabulous, Do Fabulous Things

    Happiness is an emotion. It is a feeling that bubbles away inside of us, and that will never change. It is a totally inside job. But that doesn’t mean how we look doesn’t have an affect on how we feel. So why not boost your mood a bit, or lift that flat feeling you get when you look in the mirror. Change your style, get a new haircut, know that plastic surgery isn’t a bad word, and spend a little cash on upgrading your wardrobe. There is nothing wrong or shallow in accepting how we look affects who we are. If you look happy, healthy, strong, motivated, stylish in the mirror, then you’ll feel it too. When you look in the mirror, you can’t see what’s on the inside, so make the bubbly person you are visible on the outside.

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    Happiness Starts When Comparisons Stop

    We mentioned it above, the whole comparing your behind the scenes footage to other people’s highlight reels, and that is exactly what you are doing. This is so detrimental to your self-love, though. After all, how can you love the person you see in the mirror if you are constantly wishing you had someone else’s life; their holiday’s or happiness or whatever. There is a word, sonder, and it is the recognition that each passerby has a life as complex and vivid as your own. No one is perfect. In fact, the people you are comparing your life too are probs doing the same to you. Just concentrate on you, your qualities, your happiness, your life. That is the bottom line.

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    Makeup Application Techniques

    A woman who is able to choose the correct type of makeup kit and also has the correct application tips on her fingertips proofs to be sophisticated and at the same time, she is admirable. Proper choice of makeups brings out the beauty of a woman; as well as enable her to portray a character of courage and boldness. As she can confidently walk and interact with people freely without fear of being intimidated or belittled. Additionally, proper knowledge on the beauty tips is a sure way of saving on cash. It helps one to buy precisely the required makeup kit; other than going for trial and error style of shopping. 

    airbrush machine

    Image source: shutterstock

    Airbrush Makeup vs Traditional Makeup                                                              
    Understanding the difference between airbrush makeup and traditional method is the first major step towards being an expert in makeup application. There is a huge difference between these two methods of makeup application in terms of cost, the time consumed, as well as the achieved results.

    Traditional makeup is a style of makeup application. It is done with the use of items such as sponge, foundation brush or fiber brush. This method can be used to apply cream, powder or liquid foundation but it tends to be messy. The product in use must also be in plenty as the use of brush and sponge give a thick consistency and therefore may be termed as uneconomical. Makeup application in traditional ways takes longer to complete.

    Airbrush makeup is a modern day style of makeup application. It involves the use of an airbrush gun, special silicone or water-based airbrush foundation and a makeup air compressor. A fine mist of this special foundation is then sprayed gently from the compressor onto the skin; giving a fine and even covering. This style gives a fine covering and therefore; it is cost-effective, as just a little amount of foundation is required to provide a complete covering, as well as leaving enough space for the skin to breath. It also leaves one looking as natural as possible and brings out the beauty as intended.

    With this in mind, therefore, it is paramount to seek the best suppliers of the beauty product and you can 
    click here to choose the best airbrush makeup kit.

    Select the most suitable shade for your skin color

    After finding out the airbrush makeup providers the next important step is to select the shade that suits your skin. This is simply done by swiping different colors of foundation in your skin; to identify the one that suits your skin color. Moreover, it is important to put into consideration the color of the skin around your neck.  It has to be in a position to select a color that will match both the face and the neck skin color.


    In order to enhance beauty; it is crucial to go for the best makeup kit that saves on both time and money. It should be easy to use and brings out an even skin surface. Additionally; the choice of the makeup kit must be keenly done as to match the skin color of the user.

    makeup application techniques

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    Ruby Kisses Matte Lip Lacquer Review

    The Ruby Kisses Matte Lip Lacquer provides a hybrid of a lipstick and a lipgloss. The application is smooth, creamy and it is of full coverage. Only one coat is needed to provide a full coverage, no need to be going over your lips twice. This Ruby Kisses Matte Lip Lacquer is not sticky and it feels comfortable on the lips.

    Ruby Kisses Matte Lip Lacquer

    Ruby Kisses Matte Lip Lacquer (Queen)

    It comes with a flat applicator that helps to apply the lip lacquer evenly, the staying power is about 4-5 hours before showing the slightest signs of fading and it does not dry out the lips or make your lips feel drying. Read more

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    How to Apply Mascara to Eyelids?

    How to Apply Mascara

    1. If your mascara is over three months, it’s time to consider replacing it. Your mascara should not be older than 3 months old, 6 months the most. Yes! This is where the bacteria starts. If your mascara begins to dry out the day you open it, and by the third month or beyond, the mascara will not apply smoothly, and it may cause excess clumping, and flake/smudge sooner than usual.

    2. Don’t pump the mascara tube. Pumping the brush in and out won’t get more mascara on your wand. Remember, the mascara is mainly at the bottom of the tube, so push the wand slowly down inside the tube, against the side, and rotate around once (like you’re scraping the batter off a cake bowl.) Then take out the wand and apply. Again, pumping the wand will put air INTO the tube, causing it to dry out too soon and bring in all sorts of bacteria.

    3. If you removed old mascara just before you apply new mascara, remember to make sure your lashes are dry and free from oil. Wipe a damp tissue over each eye to make sure all the remover is off, then let them dry in the air for a minute or two. A brush with residue foundation or veil powder on it can be dusted over them lightly to absorb any moisture or oils as well.

    4. Don’t be afraid to mix your mascaras.  When applying two mascaras, check if one is waterproof, then you use that one last!

    5. Curl them lashes!! Even if you have never mastered mascara, learn to master curling your lashes. Some very lucky people have gorgeous lashes, but they are just straight. Find a good eyelash curler, get it as close to the lash line as possible and curl, hold for 5 seconds. If you can be really careful, run the eyelash curler under hot water for a couple of seconds, then curl your lashes. It will work like a curling iron! (Make sure the lashes are dry when you are done.) Don’t forget to change the curling pad on your eyelash curler every three months for hygiene and curling performance purposes. They do wear down and may cause damage to your lashes.

    6. Don’t brush your lashes… get jiggy with them! Merely brushing your lashes from base to tip can cause clumps no matter what type of brush or mascara you are using. If you put the brush at the base of your lashes then zig-zag up to the tips, it will not only reduce clumping, but it will also help to coat and separate each lash.

    7. If you can, bend your brush when you take it out of the tube. This is a great professional makeup artists’ trick. Applying your mascara with a brush at a right angle will, naturally cover more of your lashes at one time, making them look their fullest. It will also save your hands and wrists from any unnatural positions that make it difficult to apply. If you do bend your brush, you should be able to bend it back without much hassle when you put it into the tube.

    8. DON’T BLINK! Let your coat(s) of mascara dry before you blink. Once your lashes are completely dry, give them one good blink to make sure everything stays where it should. If you get any residue, remove with a dampened Q-tip and give it another minute.

    9. For longer lashes don’t be scared to try a product that will add length and volume to your eye lash. 

    Dramatic eyes don’t have to be just for special occasions. You can have killer lashes any day of the week. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (although some still say it does) to apply mascara. When you are practicing, don’t rush, take your time, and try different techniques. Before you know it, you’ll be in the Beauty Olympics…. the Mascara-thon!