Learn To Love The Girl In The Mirror

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We live in an era where judging our self-image has become a big problem. The rise of smartphones and social media have made sure of this because, from the very moment we wake up, we start comparing ours behind the scenes footage to other people’s highlight reels.

We see celebrities on Instagram looking flawless thanks to Photoshop and filters, both of which real-life doesn’t have. When we look in the mirror we see ourselves for who we are, without any retouching or idyllic light or anything like that.

The reason this is so harmful is that, well, you can’t live the life you want to live if you have a negative self-image. But starting to love the person you see in the mirror is easier said than done, which is why we have come up with a list of ways you can start loving yourself a bit more and start rebuilding that positive self-image you deserve to have.


Be Who You Were Before Your Shine Was Dimmed

Life has a way of dimming our shine the longer we live, which is something none of us was warned about. That’s why it is so important you make a promise to yourself right now that you’ll learn from your mistakes and experiences and let everything else go. Forget it. Move on. It is done with. Seriously, no good can come on dwelling on the things that got you here, it will only feed your negative thought process. Mistakes simply help us realize we were brave enough to try something new, to step outside your comfort zone and go for it. That’s amazing. Remember that.

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Look Fabulous, Feel Fabulous, Do Fabulous Things

Happiness is an emotion. It is a feeling that bubbles away inside of us, and that will never change. It is a totally inside job. But that doesn’t mean how we look doesn’t have an effect on how we feel. So why not boost your mood a bit, or lift that flat feeling you get when you look in the mirror. Change your style, get a new haircut, know that plastic surgery isn’t a bad word, and spend a little cash on upgrading your wardrobe. There is nothing wrong or shallow in accepting how our look affects who we are. If you look happy, healthy, strong, motivated, stylish in the mirror, then you’ll feel it too. When you look in the mirror, you can’t see what’s on the inside, so make the bubbly person you are visible on the outside.

Happiness Starts When Comparisons Stop

We mentioned it above, the whole comparing your behind the scenes footage to other people’s highlight reels, and that is exactly what you are doing. This is so detrimental to your self-love, though. After all, how can you love the person you see in the mirror if you are constantly wishing you had someone else’s life; their holiday’s or happiness or whatever. There is a word, sonder, and it is the recognition that each passerby has a life as complex and vivid as your own. No one is perfect. In fact, the people you are comparing your life too are probs doing the same to you. Just concentrate on you, your qualities, your happiness, your life. That is the bottom line.


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